Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Snowing Its Brains Out Again!

Not today's snow, but it looks kinda like this.
Wow, this winter has a punch to it! It started snowing pretty darn hard around here about 1230-1300 and it is going at it! A friend and I had to cancel a trip to see KU hoops. About 1/2 inch of really fine snow had fallen by 2 pm or so. The MidContinent Library, my current WiFi hot spot is closing early, so we'll have to step away from the keyboard for a bit.

The snow is forecast to fall until about 7 pm with a total of 3-4 inches or so. Then we get blasted by a cold front, with winds of 40 mph, another band of snow, and really cold temps for Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Nice!

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