Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Fog Photo--And An Annoucement

The combination of temperatures, moisture, calm winds and melting snow has given Kansas City four days of thick fog formation, both day and night. At times, the fog was freezing on the ground, giving rise to some bad driving conditions. A 30 vehicle pile up occurred Friday morning on I-35 southwest of the metro with one fatality. In the metro itself, the temp has remained above freezing, keeping the roads safer and melting the snow. This photo was taken Friday night. Since then, the tarmac of this street has reappeared for the first time since December 24th.

There are frequently more photos that I would love to show off in a blog, so I decided to start a photo only blog--"F8 and Be There"--www.skcobserverphotos.blogspot.com. A link is over on the left. There will still be photos over here at what I consider the "mother site", but please head over there for more photographic goodness.

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Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
How absolutely funny! I have a second private blog going. All photos. The reason being, my photos are terrible, but I think I can improve them by seeing them in a public-looking venue.

I'll be checking yours for tips--

Ann T.