Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Spoiled Brat Alert: Follow Up

When you have a fit, it is best to make sure it is not being recorded on video. It is sure to end up on YouTube. The video of the Kansas City McDonald's tirade has gone national, after being picked up first by Kansas City bloggers, then by Kansas City news stations. Fox News had a little fun with it this morning. I almost feel sorry for the woman. Almost. The reason why it is just "almost" is because she had a choice about how she would act in this situation. The reason I have some empathy and sympathy for her is that on occasion I have made this bad choice of action myself. Thankfully, I did not end up on YouTube. This will be forever for her. She can be anywhere now, and someone might recognize her. She could move from KC or be on vacation far away and be recognized. This could become something that impacts a job hunt, or renting a home. So the lesson for her--and the rest of us--is: Think before you react. Take a breath. Will whatever is the concern matter in the morning? When in doubt, walk away. Your reputation is worth more then any money or any saving face or any of that stuff.

Alonzo Washington made an appeal to her. She should call him. I don't completely agree with him about the racial aspects but I do know that people will want to make race part of it. I have seen racist comments on blogs and blog comment boards. However, the behavior issue is self control, and losing self control is something that people all races are guilty of. If you are picking on her or saying this happened because she's Black, you are wrong. This could happen to anyone. Check out Alonzo's blog entry below. If you know the lady in the Mickey D's video, or by chance you are her, call him. He'll help you get a fair shake. It won't make your tantrum go away, and there will be consequences to your actions, but you get a little bit of protection from being prejudged, and get a chance to tell your story. Just one tip: don't make it out to be someone else's fault. We chose how we respond, and unless we have a mental disorder or brain damage, we have control of that choice. If you try to evade responsibility, you will be pilloried. Here is Alonzo:


Here is the perfect type of Black news story that the world wide media loves: A Black person acting a fool. I predict that this video will be all over the national press soon. Therefore, I am reaching out to the lady in this video. Please surrender to me because you are about to be famous. All the local press has covered your story and the KCMO police chief put you on his blog. Bloggers are joking on you. The crime that you are apart of is not a big beef. Beef, McDonalds. I made a funny! Anyway, you will be treated like you are a terrorist by the time this hits the world wide press. So just calm down realize that this is going to get huge. So, just pick up the phone and call me. I will help you tell your side of the story to the press before I help you surrender to the cops. I am pretty sure the clerk did something to upset you that had nothing to do with food. Do the right thing and surrender. Just call me. For others who read this blog peep this video and if you know her tell her to call me or give me a tip about her.


Alonzo Washington
(913) 321-6764


Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
Thank heavens I have never been filmed in an oops moment.

I rarely go to brat, and don't scream at others, but I can remember at least two times that choking on them meant I turned literally purple!

I suppose if the offense is public, that means apologies have to be public too. Oh, ick. I do feel for this woman and everyone who was around her at that moment. But yeah, she who screams first loses biggest.

Ann T.

the observer said...

Ann T.

It's really quite an amazing moment.

KCPD says they are getting tips on who this lady is, and they have pulled the video off the Captain's blog and YouTube. The video in the Fox News piece I linked is probably still there but it has been edited. Unedited versions are probably still cached on the 'net.

The first time I watched it, I had a little burst of adrenalin and my heart rate elevated. I had to remind myself that this was video, and not a ranting ER patient!

The Observer