Monday, January 18, 2010

Earthquake in Haiti: Let Me Make This Perfectly Clear...

Memo to both political poles--left and right:

Do not politicize the earthquake in Haiti--period.

It is not a demonstration of how much better President Obama is at disaster relief.

It is not something the democrats concocted to make President Obama look good.

It may be a demonstration of the failures of heavily centralized government, but this is not the time for that!

It not the time for any political discussion; it is time to get busy, get the hands dirty, and do what has to be done to help people who have an immediate need for life saving aid!

Are we clear on this now? Good.

And one more thing: There has been and will be mistakes, snafu's, bad judgment calls, failures to communicate and just plain Murphy's Law stuff during the course of the rescue and aid effort, because that is how it is during this type of operation--there is always something that could be better. Trust me, rescuers, medical personnel and givers of aid don't like the mistakes, are greatly annoyed by the problems, and will work hard to solve them. NONE of the problems, mistakes, snafu's etc are political; they are part of the nature of a large, complex rescue operation. So don't make them political. They are problems for the rescue agencies, the relief agencies, the military and the governments to solve, not weapons to use against the other political party.

There I feel better now.

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Matt M said...

Hell yes. To hear some of the negative crap that is being said, it is like these people have dead, black hearts.

Haiti is a big problem. It will not be solved in our life-times. That does not mean that we shouldn't help any way we can, without expectation of thanks. There will be stories over the next months, of corruption, graft, waste, and needless deaths. But, we should still try our best to help.