Friday, January 1, 2010

Not a Good Way to Start the Year...

The news of Kansas City, MO first homicide was not the only bit of crummy news today. People started off the new year hurting themselves and others in multiple ways. The following is a list of news stories that greeted web and newspaper readers and TV viewers this day: woman found dead in KCK claims five lives in northern MO...SUV crashes into house in Praire Village...7 left homeless by KCMO fire that is deemed arson...three dead, child injured in robbery suspect ID'ed by wife...thieves clean out Iraq vet's apartment...mystery continues around KCK woman found dead and frozen in car.

Not to stick my head in the sand but I think I'll skip the 10 pm news tonight.

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Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
Sometimes sticking one's head in the sand is the best thing you can do. After all, the reality will still be there later, but you will have Much better composure to deal with it!

Between a couple of blogs, I have been looking at this kind of news and laughing hysterically. It's not good, or happy of course, but the way the first responders have learned to deal with mental pain and suffering is nothing short of amazing.

Happy New Year to You from across the kitchen table . . .

Ann T.