Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wayside Waifs Wednesday

Here are Wednesday's Waifs for October 14th, 2009. Check them out:
Maybe it's because I'm a cat owner that I like dogs with pricked ears. Or maybe I just like the way they look, I'm not sure. But I like this fellow, Salvador, a border collie mix. Interestingly, he has a dark tongue. He is of a medium size, and won't grow much more than the 35-40 lbs he is now. He is very smart, as most herding breeds, and their mixes are. So he'll need involved owners who can put in some training and play time. He already knows some tricks that the trainers at Wayside have taught him. His pointy ears are not completely rigid; as you can tell from the photos, the cartilage at the tips is flexible and moves when he does. It is a completely cute and endearing look!

Meet Sophie. Sophie is 7 years old. Her owners moved and left her behind. Luckily she was discovered before any harm came to her. When she first came to Wayside, she was quite shy, but now she is very outgoing. She is a cuddlier, a lap cat and a conversationalist. She's a pretty patched calico tabby--note how all her color spots have striping. Wayside Waifs has a special program for seniors adopting senior animals--if you are over 60 (still young at heart!), check it out.
Wayside Waifs is located at 3901 Martha Truman Drive in Kansas City, Mo. On the web at hours: closed Monday and Tuesday. Open Wednesday thru Friday 2 pm to 8 pm. Open Sat and Sun 12 noon-6 pm.

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