Tuesday, October 27, 2009

I Sent Sports to its Own Blog

Sports was taking over. I could tell. I have been and still am a big sports fan. It was becoming impossible to keep the sports opinions from overrunning the non-sports opinions. It was easier to write sports entries, and the photos are compelling and fun. So I could do an sports entry and call it a day. I thought the quality of this blog was suffering. So, I've started a sports blog: www.lookinglive.blogspot.com. The title is after Brent Musberger's signature sign on at the start of a game. I debated this. Would I have enough time to do two decent blogs? Enough passion? Yes, I believe so. I think it will improve this blog too. You may still see an occasional sports story over here. But most of the sports stuff will be on "Looking Live".

Oh, and with the exception of "You're Looking Live" itself, all the sports blogs in the blog roll are going over there too.

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