Thursday, October 15, 2009

Update: Rush Dropped from Group Bidding to Buy St. Louis Rams

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The group, led by Dave Checkkets, decided to drop Rush Limbaugh from their roster. The heat got hot, rejection was looking likely, so they decided to let Rush go. Many commentators have burned Checkkets for being a wuss for letting the critics intimidate him. However, I understand his move. He wants his bid to succeed. It's a shame that he had to drop Rush in order to facilitate that.

The Indianapolis Colts owner, Irsay, has a lot of nerve commenting on Rush's integrity and appropriateness for the NFL. He is part of a family ownership that packed the team up in the dead of night one winter and moved from Baltimore to Indy. A lotta nerve.

And Al Sharpton should keep his cake hole shut--who elected him to the Commissioner's Office at the NFL?

Rush's politics should not have entered into this. The only reason Rush's views are known is because he opines for a living. If he had made his millions selling widgets or providing a service and kept his mouth closed regarding his politics, no one would have looked twice at his being part of a bid to buy an NFL team. To me, it's a part of the rampaging political correctness of this world, and also the increasing blandness of everything. In order not to be attacked in the present or have something held against you in the future, you wash out or hold back interesting and potentially controversial parts of yourself. After awhile, everything starts looking the same.

Sad. And a real restriction on speech and expression. And St. Louis' loss, as Rush would have been a fun part of the team ownership.

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Capt. Schmoe said...

Indeed. The potential fuss however, was more than Checkets was willing to bear. He needed the deal to go through more than he needed Limbaugh.

Although this in no way hurts Rush, it gave the people who take shots from him an opportunity to return fire in a symbolic fusillade of worthless threats and unwarranted media interest.

The result? A target of mostly oxygen and nitrogen pierced by projectiles of heated nitrogen and oxygen.