Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Radioman KC: The Commenting Blogger Everyone Loves to Hate

There's a blogger called Radioman KC. His blog is called Like me, he likes to read Tony's Kansas City and comment on the stories. Truly, I do not know what this man did to offend the other readers of Tony's Kansas City; every time he comments, he gets verbally abused. When I noticed this pattern of abuse, I went to his blog to see what was on it, to see if it was the blog that annoyed so many people. I found that I actually enjoyed his writings and postings. We don't agree on much; he is pretty much a liberal progressive and I am pretty much a conservative Christian type, but he argues and writes well. He also doesn't just blog about politics, he talks about media, especially radio, and posts fun things like this post of a wonderful photo of a grateful dog and a tired firefighter. He has good links and fun things on the side of his blog too.

So if you are reading this, and you know why Radioman annoys so many people, can you comment and explain it to me?

Thank you.

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Radioman KC said...

Here, more than a year later, I noticed your comment on my Google search.

Thanks for your kind, and I think objective observations.

My only desire is to love and cherish our human kind, support their good works, and urge those who DO NOT WORK to do so to benefit themselves and their families.

Thanks, for your objective view... what you notice is what I actually seek to do. good life for you!