Wednesday, October 7, 2009

More Race Matters

What an interesting 24 hours with regard to racial matters and thinkings on race in the blogosphere here in the Big Town. Midtown Miscreant and TKC both with provocative interesting posts today. And me, with what turned into a lengthy complicated post on Alonzo Washington and race. As I read it now, it's complete and it's not. There is so much to this topic. It definitely isn't dead. Only dumb white people think the racial issue is dead.

Conservatives, don't stick your heads in the sand. This is an issue that belongs to you too. We (generally, I am a conservative in my outlook) look like complete idiots when we tell Black people to get over the issue of race and racism. That is why there are so few Black conservatives, and why they are not respected in the Black community. I had a very sensible Black lady say to me not too long ago, " I don't understand how any Black person could be a conservative." Conservatives, we should be ready to offer the Black community an alternative to the ways of big government. Government hand outs, regulation and promises kill the inspiration and desire to grow and change--kill the soul. But conservatives so often look like loonies who don't have a clue--especially when they talk about race.

There will be more on this, I can guarantee it.

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Capt. Schmoe said...

Here's the thing, most white conservatives have too much to lose to have any real serious discussion about race. No one in politics, no one with a government job, no business owner, no supervisor, no one who works for a large corporation dares get involved in a meaningful, truthful discussion. The risk of being called a racist is too great. Sad but true.