Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Driving Rant

I like to drive. Generally I find it very relaxing and it seems to open my mind and help me think. But Lordamercy there are some very annoying people out there on the road. Here are some irritations I've experienced over the past week.

1. Green light dreamin'. You are sitting about 4 cars back from an intersection. You see the light turn green for your direction. Are we going yet? It's way past that 3 count you do for intersection safety. Yet? Hey, folks, it's only that one shade of green. It's not going to turn another shade that means you can go. Pleeeze, let's go!

2, Rushing to a stop. You are approaching a four way intersection controlled by stop signs all around. Everyone has to stop. You have stopped and are ready to go. A car approaches from the right. It appears to be going at least 30 mph. I make that car stop before I enter the intersection. Sorry, guys. If you approached at a reasonable speed, and exhibited an inclination to stop, I wouldn't have to make you come to a full stop. Same goes for you all rushing to the red light. Even if I have the green, I'm not entering the intersection until I make sure that you are not too stupid/drunk/stoned/distracted/color blind to figure out the red light and stop.

3. Spare me the rush hour. People, you will not make up time by driving 5 mph faster than usual and making a bunch of lane changes. If you are late, it means you left late. In fact, I have found that if I am leaving a few minutes late (doesn't work if you are more than 10-15 minutes late.) that if I just relax and drive normal, I'll be fine, maybe even right on time. So if you're late, you should have left earlier. Please don't drive like an idiot trying to make it up.

4. Shut up and drive. Please. You have been out of your car. You now get in your car in the parking lot to leave where you've been. Please, please, don't try to talk on the phone and steer out of your parking place, through tight areas and on your way with just one hand (or one knee). Also, it's a real treat (Ha!) to watch you make that sharp turn at 35 mph with one/no hands. Can't you not talk to your BFF for a few minutes while you drive?!? What is so important? Shut up and drive!

5. Oh, and to the rich brats who gave me the finger for stopping at the stop sign at Blue Ridge and Wornall, TOO BAD. I don't have a Daddy who would give me a new car if I smush this one.

6. Don't worry I ain't perfect. Just tonight, I annoyed someone else by not double checking the oncoming left hand turn lane (controlled by a green arrow) and turning right on red. No crash because I had situational awareness and realized my mistake quickly. My bad. We all have our moments.

There, I feel better now. it's good to get this stuff off your chest. Even with all this, I still like to drive.

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