Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Wayside Waifs Wednesday

Meet Cooper, enthusiastic, energetic lab/something mix. This shot makes it look like the something might be Doberman Pincer but he's smaller than that. Young male dog with lots of energy. Needs training to be a good canine citizen.
Meet Wiley the cat, adult orange tabby and white male, handsome and sociable.

Wayside Waifs is at 3901 Martha Truman Drive in Kansas City. Hours are Wed-Fri 2 pm to 8 pm; Sat-Sun 12 noon to 6 pm. Check out their web site Vote on celeb pet videos there and check out Wayside's own You Tube vids, too.

UPDATE: Cooper was adopted at the time of the post--oops--but good! However, this nifty looking Husky mix named Keith Urban is still available. Isn't he cool looking?

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