Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Say It Isn't So!

I was reading the Kansas City police chief's blog today; there was a press release concerning the new dispatch center and all its nifty new features: upgraded consoles for calltakers and dispatchers, a new video system which allows dispatchers to see live feed through KC SCOUT Traffic Cameras, security cameras set up throughout the city, weather reports, news broadcasts and more so dispatchers can better support officers in the field. Then there was this note: "The 911 Call Center has been undergoing renovations for nearly a year. The upgrades have been to accommodate the new city-wide radio system, which is set to go live Nov. 9."

The federally mandated shift to the 700 megahertz range? The frequency spectrum that requires a $300 scanner to hear?

Say it ain't so!

If you are on Twitter, and have an interest in the workings of the police department, they are going to post all dispatches of officers on Twitter between 1100 and 1200 tomorrow, Thursday October 27. KCPD on Twitter: @kcpolice or


Bob G. said...

You know, here in Ft. Wayne they renovated OUR 911 center as well as went to a new radio system a few years back, and then several years after that, they wanted to make upgrades, but found out THAT system was already obsolete, so they went to another ???Mhz system and are having some issues with THAT now.

Where does this end (it does cost $$$), and doesn't anyone ever TEST these systems THOROUGHLY BEFORE they're installed and utilized?
The whole "federal mandate" kinda bothers me, unless the Feds want all local agencies to be "on the same page"...

And yes, civilian scanners are becoming more expensive.
Hard to keep up with all the tech-changes on a budget.
There are some of us that listen to police calls, and like to be aware if something goes down in our area.
Often times, such people become the unseen "eyes and ears" of the department, because even they can't be everywhere all the time, right?

Would seem to me that peoples' LIVES could be at risk here...when these systems wind up with more BUGS than a bait shop.

Just a few thoughts on it.

Good post.

Stay safe out there.

Groucho K. Marx said...

Lemme know where one of the new scanners are as cheap as $300!

I just got my 2nd new rig- $491 and change and won't be buying another unless KSHB re-ups me another year.

BTW- JoCoKS and Indep. both come in crappy on the new radios....

The Observer said...

I looked on line maybe 2 years ago and saw 300-350...I thought the price would go down, not up! :-Pg

Do they test these things first?

I will miss it when it is gone that is for sure.

The Observer

Groucho K. Marx said...

The current- soon to be outdated 800-mhz analog trunked signals can be monitored on rigs in the $225. to $275.00 range- but unless this radio can pick up narrowband VHF/UHF- these radios (I have 6) will be rendered virtually useless.

I'm getting new Unidens- because the new radio systems will be what's called "P-25 compliant" and- being in the 700-799 mhz range- you'll need a computerized scanner.

And a computer to program it (which most of us have fortunately).

I've got 2 Uniden BC-396-XT's for about $500 apiece and will need at least 4 more to properly do my job of monitoring our public servants (if they don't encrypt most things from us) for the American free press...


The Observer said...

At present this technology will reduce substantially the number of citizen ears listening in. The frequency change means that many scanners like my own Radio Shack PR-94 will fall silent, not having the 700 mhz range capability.
Before I had a trunking scanner, I had an ordinary scanner that received in the 800 mhz range. I could listen in to 800 mhz systems, trunked or not. I wonder if internet listening will still be available.
If you were a conspiracy theorist, you might find all this terribly interesting...
Oh, I keep misplacing my tin-foil hat!
The Observer (who will be very sad once the scanner falls silent)