Monday, October 17, 2011

Baby Lisa Update

What this has turned into is a freaking circus, that's what.

Really that is all that needs to be said, along with the fact that the police have continued pursuing whatever leads and clues have come up and still have pretty much bupkis, nada, nothing and Lisa Irwin is still missing--it will be 2 weeks missing at 0400 Tuesday morning.

We have two imported attention seeking clowns and one locally produced one trying to make names for themselves at the expense of Lisa and to the exploitation of her somewhat hapless family. One was self appointed private investigator "Wild Bill" Stanton and the other is defense lawyer Joe Tacopina. (Doesn't that name just beg to be made fun of?) who were imported from New York. The other is some guy named Washington, who frankly I don't want kyping this blog post, who occasionally does some good work, but can't stand it that his name is not out there all the time. Some have also wanted to make racial hay out of this case, and others want to know how come all missing persons don't get the police attention that has come to baby Lisa. Some of those comparisons are fair questions and others are apple/oranges comparisons but my problem is that this is not the time to fight over that. 10 month old babies are pretty helpless, and two weeks out, I am not liking the scenarios playing out in my head: either Lisa Irwin is dead or she is in the hands of an abductor.

Some of the investigatory developments were that the neighborhood drunk/handyman "Jersey" was arrested and is in jail on unrelated warrants, searches of creeks, woods and empty/abandoned houses turned up nothing related to the case and Lisa's mother changed her story--she told national media that she had been drinking that Monday evening and described herself as "drunk" and then also stated that the last time she saw Lisa was at 6:40 p.m. Monday evening. Video from a nearby store showed mom--and a man later identified as a brother (I also saw brother-in-law as ID for the man) shopping, buying baby stuff and boxed wine so at least where she got the booze is not a mystery.

$100,000 is out there for someone if there is any information to pass on, but as time passes, the family looks more and more like the culprit, either via accident or murder. The fancy pants New York lawyer has told them to be quiet, no more interviews, so both the adults and two boys, who are old enough to tells stories, have been placed out of reach of both media and law enforcement reach. If they crack now, it will be in private and in the company of counsel.

Meantime, we are still missing a 11 month old girl. If you know something: 816-474-8477 or online at


Bob G. said...

I've been following this on and off, because of what you just mentioned...the MEDIA CIRCUS.

It's a kidnapping for God's sake, and of one sweet little infant...NOT a damn sideshow attraction like the dog-faced boy!

I hate when others exploit a heinous act for their OWN "instant" gratification...

I am hoping Lisa turns up alive and well soon.

Good post & commentary.

Stay safe out there.

The Observer said...

Bob G:
The ultimate: the cover of People magazine today. I suppose it will be good for the exposure, if she was kidnapped and is still alive.

It was odd yesterday, law enforcement were working two ways: looking in the woods near the family home, and checking out a report of two women and a baby in Manhattan, KS...looking at once for someone who might be alive, or might be dead.

Neither panned out, found nothing and confirmed that the baby was not Lisa.

Thanks for swinging by and have a great second half of your week.

The Observer

Anonymous said...

I believe the mother did something to the child weather it was purposely or on accident, when the father arrived home the child was dead he helped with the disposal of the child. He's not happy about what happened but felt obligated to do so on behalf of his wife. He's weak and miserable with guilt he will break and tell all soon. #imjusayin/my/opinion

The Observer said...

That is one of the senarios that plays in my head. The other involves the boys. If this is what happened, the family will crack. I know PD is holding some cards close but for no word of obvious evidence also make me wonder. That's a great job covering tracks, especially half drunk/ hung over.

Other possibles include surrender of the baby to another--such as family or friend, or baby for money deal. A kidnaping or abduction is way down my list.

Thanks for reading and I appreciate your thoughts.

The Observer