Saturday, October 8, 2011

Occupy Kansas City

I saw this car in my neck of the woods on Thursday. Notice that there is no spell checker on the paint writers that are sold for glass windows...

I do love my freedom of speech--to me it is one of the things that makes our country great--freedom of speech and worship.

With freedom comes responsibility. We all have that--to not be disruptive for no good reason, to not yell fire in a crowd, to respect others as we express our views.

The protests remind me of the campus protests in the mid 1980s over South African investment. At the University of Vermont protesters build a shanty town--three or four small shacks--on the university green. They stayed there, even through a typical Vermont winter. However, a difference was those protests were very focused on one goal--divestiture by the university. These protests are "leaderless" and do not have very specific objectives. In that way, they remind me a little of the Tea Party.

Like the Tea Party, however, that may be a weakness, leaving the movement indecisive, prone to take over by the most extreme and radical voices, and take over for other goals by the establishment. Also, one has to ask exactly how real the grass roots are--remember how the Koch brothers were portrayed as being behind the Tea Party. Is George Soros, or someone like him standing behind the Occupy Wall Street gang?

My, we live in interesting times.


Anonymous said...

Well, some of us have to go to work. What are they protesting about? Their pay, their benefits, their lack of work? I dont know.
I do know that my son in law has a job available, and nobody wants it. It is easier to collect unemployment and whine.
So just blame "the man" and dont worry about it.

Had grandparents with an 8th grade education who just worked, no matter what. Never had a problem with finding work.

Have a college degree, but have worked jobs that absolutely did not require it. Just worked.

If you want to demonstrate, that is just fine. Dont do it on my time, and you better have a paycheck.

The Observer said...

First, anon, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I love a good meaty comment--really. :)

There seems to be a range in the protests: some really are informed and know why they are upset and who they are upset with: others--it seems the majority--are just mad at "the system" and "The Man.".

Your point about working is one I have seen elsewhere-- not so much from editorialists and politically moderate/non-nutjob bloggers but from comments on news stories and blog posts. There is a suspicion that the protesters are just looking for someone to give them what others have; that they want an easy life without working for it.

There is so much here: have Americans lost the taste for open protest? Is the system broken or just temporally out of kilter? I for one find the increasing concentration of wealth to a few, the reduction in real wages and loss of a strong middle class and the behavior of those in banking and finance disturbing and concerning. If the protests make us talk reasonably about such things, then they've been helpful, whatever their original intent.

The Observer.

The Observer said...

Hey, anon, if you come back, could you leave a note as to the industry or service your son in law is involved in? I am curious about what kind of job he has that he can't fill.

Thanks, The Observer

Bob G. said...

Oh, there is Soros money behind MOST of these..that's a FACT.
...all "part of the show".

And then the UNIONS get involved (when they shoudn't)...another piece of the puzzle in place.

A do agree with anon.
(got some great points made there)

To protest "for protest sake" makes no sense.

And while some do know what they "want", we have to wonder is it WHAT THEY NEED?

If they NEED a job...FINE.

If they NEED the government to butt out...finer.

But they best not "need" to empty everyone else's pockets along the way.
We're looking at the potential for some serious anarchy here (hope I'm wrong).

Good post.

Stay safe out there
(and go KC - beat the "Iggles"

The Observer said...

Bob G:
The Chiefs have the NFC Central this year...and a bye next week.

Iggles, with all of one (1) win, are at Washington with the other non-PC named native American related team, the Redskins. As a Giants fan, I will root a bit for Philly.

Thanks for the comment--you know, I think people in the political classes need a wake up call. In a way, I do support "protest for protest sake" if nothing else to remind the political class that they had better respect the people's view.

It has to be followed up with action within the system, attendance at meetings, voting, going to public forums, even making calls and writing the editor.

There is a difference between causing anarchy and being a squeaky wheel.

Thanks for stopping by and have a great week.

The Observer