Monday, October 31, 2011

Baby Lisa Missing One Month

It will be 28 days later this night, Tuesday, November 1 at 4 a.m. that then 10 month old Lisa Irwin was reported missing from her crib by her father. Since then we have had searches of the house, woods, abandoned properties nearby, lakes and cisterns. We've had more lawyer drama then you can imagine, with lawyers from New York and Kansas City. A publicity seeking private investigator came, then went, then came back again.

Baby Lisa's parents, Deborah Bradley and Jeremy Irwin have frequently left investigators, press and public alike scratching their heads in puzzlement over their behavior. They have become very reclusive now, after embracing national press over local media. They have not been out every day, looking for their daughter. They have not made themselves especially available to the Kansas City Police Department. They did indeed retain counsel.

A multitude of people have come forward hoping to help in the case in lieu of the child's family being deeply involved. They range from the poor man from Colorado who lost his child in a similar case to families of victims who were killed after being abducted to so-called community crime activists and editorialists/bloggers. Some are honestly trying to help, others are seeking publicity or other benefits for themselves. An occasional opinionator has tried to make racial hay out of the sad situation: they may or may not have a good point and be saying something worth considering but their timing is horrible; no one wants to hear it while a baby is missing.

And yes, bottom line, a baby is still missing. Have you looked at a 10-11 month old lately? They can't do very much for themselves at all. It has come down to this: unless baby Lisa has been abducted by someone wanting a baby or is being concealed by her extended family somewhere, it is not likely she is alive. The family, especially mom Deborah, continue to do things that cast suspicion in their direction. Someone knows more then they are telling.

Where's baby Lisa?


Mo Rage said...

Let's hope someone, somewhere wanted a baby this badly and that Lisa is there, safe and warm, about to be returned home.

We can always hope.

Anonymous said...

this is just wrong... parents hidden out while saying their baby was kidnapped.i don't think this has a good out come... the parents have to know the truth or their actions would say other wise.i also would like to think lisa is being cared for by someone who wanted her.but don't think this to be the case. facts are the only thing that can be used. fact deb made a call to the wright girl... said phones were not working for out going calls. when we lie... that is not a fact. what is being hidden? its clear to f.b.i. and police that one of the phone did work. this is so crazy a baby is helpless. she needs to be more respected. and she needs to be found. but where is she or hidden? that is a secert to one or more person(persons)if a parent had anything to do with this ... they would break just from the love and guilt. how many saw lisa before the 10-4-11? i wish w/ all my heart that she could be found. i am a mother and a grandmother.. this as all cases w/ child just breaks my doesn't look good for lisa... but i pray and hope that she is alive.and soon found.she is a baby and in weeks being 11 months old would be having her very first birthday. with my children and grand children such a special prayers are that she will be found and respect and justic given.lisa is helpless in all of this.

The Observer said...

Can not add much more to these comments.

So much of this month that has passed has been about everything BUT Lisa.

The Observer