Monday, October 24, 2011

Baby Lisa Still Missing

It will be three weeks missing come 0400 Tuesday October 25 for now 11 month old Lisa Irwin. There have been tips and searches, interviews, media appearances, police statements and video tapes during the past week. The parents of baby Lisa put in an appearance at a prayer vigil for the first time but otherwise have taken a much lower profile. The lawyers have taken the lead now although the distrust and distance from both local media and the KCPD has continued.
We don't know what KCPD is holding close to the vest in terms of evidence but nothing that has dribbled out is very compelling. A review of a search warrant application revealed that a dog trained to detect human remains had a hit in the house. There was an extensive search after that. Several people reported seeing a man walking in the neighborhood around the time of Lisa's disappearance and a man shows up in the background of a video tape of a nearby store.
If the parents are involved, they have done a good job covering their tracks. If they are the only ones involved it is likely Lisa has died. If they sold or gave the baby away, introducing another party, it is possible that Lisa is alive.
Is it possible we may never know what happened to Lisa? We don't know what all the PD has in terms of evidence and information but it seems to me that someone is going to have to crack for us to know for sure.


Anonymous said...

i am reading so many things on line in hope that i will see they found lisa... but each day isee no word to say my wish for tis baby. if she was given away... i just can't see that or kidnapped at this point. i do see accident... but i am a mom and and a grandmother. if ever i had a accident with one of my children i would call for help.i had a near miss sid's baby who is now a grown man. i gave my son cpr he was only 1 week old... never did i think i did anything wrong i just knew something was wrong... i was so scared i must have seemed crazy but didn't think of how i looked and 24 hours latter in the hospital my son had more attacks put on a monitor i realized i had my p.j.'s on. as a parent you don't think of anything but your this case its all about stories and one self not the baby. now my grown children are parents and i am enjoying that as i loved being a mother and i had 5 wonderful children. i would never want or ask for anything to be normal and i would not give up or grieve until i knew. it just doesn't look or sound good. i will tell what happend to my daughter. too long in one post i pray god to protect little lisa everyday and night...i want her to be found.

Anonymous said...

i am the mother of 5 grown children and 10 wonderful grandchildren. i have had things to go wrong as a mother . i told you in first post about my young son being a near miss sids baby. but when i had my first child in a sears dept. store in ga. my daughter was soon to be 2 years old. some women walked by me knocked me down w/ sales persons and my husband by my side... the women grabbed my daughter ran to put her in the car... they had two cars... it was a long 20 minutes threy were in a black market for selling children.and i tell yopu it can and does happen so fast that w/ 3 sales person myself and my husband we didn't see them take her from my arms.but i did go to court... and i didn't even see their faces it happend so very fast... but i can say... you are never normal after something like this happend.and thios family say they just want to get back to normal.something very wrong w/ this whole case.i at times still have nightmares. it was just 20 minutes not having my child...and i was carrying my soon to be 2 year old.if you ever saw a crazy lady running and screaming my daughters name it was this mother. the police was in the parking lot that day... and my daughter said you aren't my momma you aren't my momma. thats how it was... and yes, my daughter still remebers who is now in her 40's. it made her a very good mother watching over her three sons.that and having a sids baby you bet i watched my like a mother hen... it does change you and it is something that makes you never normal as you embrace everything like it is the last day and trust never anyone that is how you become or at least for me. my son doesn't rmember being a sids baby of near miss but you bet my daughter never forgot that happend it scared her she had nightmares for a long time even thought my husband and i never let on like we were scared... we told her always scream as she did and told her we were proud of her for alerting the police and teach your child theyt are your friend and will always i do see things strange and store=ies changing. it doesn't look good but accidents do happen and kidnapping does happen... but ones actions when it happends you may look crazy but i think everyone understands when a parent screams their childs name looking for them and you don't feel anything you are numb...crying when the police handed her to me. and faer when i went to court as i really didn't see the faces but the police did.and i said a prayer on that day to protect my child... god watched over my sweet blue eyed child with long blonde curl's. i was told in court that blonde and blue eyes bring more money. this took place in ga. so i can't judge lisa's parents but nothing in this case looks normal... but in a kidnapping it isn't normal. this i know!!!