Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Ford Transit

At left, a picture of Ford's full size Transit, currently on sale only in Europe and below a Transit Connect, available now in the US.

It's killing me not to have posted since Saturday! I hope to get to the computer later today. I do have ideas to blog about but on the mean time take a look at a photo of the vehicle that will be built at the Ford plant. It is a bigger version of the Transit Connect van that Ford has been offering for around two years now. The Connect is just a little bit longer than a PT Cruiser(stepped it off myself) so it is truly a small van. The Transit will be a full size truck, meant for the commercial market mainly. It will be interesting to see how this compares to Econoline vans and the full size Mercedes Sprinter. The Sprinter, badged variously as a Dodge, Freightliner and now Mercedes, has not been a hit with Americans since its introduction in the mid 2000s. It looks top heavy and clunky. It will be interesting to see if Ford avoids this appearance in the big version of the Transit.

Boring bloggy tech note: going to try and post the pic and text using the iPhone--not sure how it will turn out!

How it turned out was that I had to fix it. It should be better now. Photos: Car and Driver, and by The Observer.


The Observer said...

Well, half a picture of a Transit van.

You don't learn if you don't try...

Bob G. said...

The picture isn't showing up at all here...???

But I get the gist.

Stay safe out there.

The Observer said...

Bob G:
Fixed it, and even threw in a picture of the small van.

It is exciting that we are still making stuff around here, and will be at least for the foreseeable future.

Thanks for stopping by, and for letting me know what you saw.

The Observer

Bob G. said...

Ahh...yes, I saw vans similar to this in the UK (I watch BBC America a lot),
Now, they're HERE.

I dunno, I used to drive an AEROSTAR...pretty decent van with great mileage (for the 2-whl drive version).
Later got an AWD version...mileage dropped by HALF.

Also got to drive the even better ride (imho).

I can't see how a "brick" with 4 wheels can be MORE the crap outta me.
Might be good for deliveries (only).

(It's all a conspiracy, I tell

Good post.

Stay safe.