Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Stop Giving Ground

Retreat Not The Answer
I just finished reading a blog post and comments that talk about increasing fights and problems in the Power and Light district. It was discouraging that so many feel it is going to get worse there with bad behavior and most people won't go resulting in the failure and abandonment of the project. Near the end of the comment thread one person called out everyone for being negative. The response: we call it as we see it.
I got to thinking: we just can't keep giving ground to the shitheels of the world. If the decent person's response to crap is completely dedicated to running away from it, nothing will ever get done. It is like not ever taking the trash out of your house, then moving because every room has trash in it. "We call it as we see it" is the same as saying, "Well there's trash in here".
The thing is standing firm and acting proactively has to be done before it gets really bad. There's a point where only the brave, crazy, called or broke will go or end up in a bad neighborhood. Normal people won't put up with it. It is like when the trash gets deep enough, it is too difficult to do the work and everyone just throws up their hands. So the time to stand up is *before* it gets really bad.
So as to the P & L District: press Cordish to reevaluate the reduction in security--the company made the reduction to save money but they lose money by losing business due to increased thuggish and drunken behavior not properly dealt with--stupid. Write them, tell them stories and let them know they are pennywise/pound foolish. Do we really have to give P & L to the thug element? If we do what is next? The Plaza? Zona Rosa? Independence Center? It has to stop somewhere. We can't keep running. The nasty people of the world are trying to take the world from the decent people and seem to be succeeding while the decent people debate the "decent" response. The time for retreat and discussion has to come to an end. It is time for decent people to make a stand and hold the ground with power--power of all kinds from the rule of law strictly enforced to law abiding citizens carrying concealed weapons to the spiritual community asserting itself. It is time to stand up--in fact it is past time--we have lost a lot by retreating and taking flight and it is time for it to stop.


Anonymous said...

You are right. The only thing is that the P&L is not a neighborhood. If it happens at Ranch Mart or Prairie Village, I am right there calling 911 and demanding that the police show up. Who lives in the P&L District?
It is an artificial neighborhood with no one invested.

chuck said...

the site.

God bless ya, but the only answer, is bloody constraint. Violence.

SKC Observer is tired of giving up neighborhoods, and in this case, the P&L District to thugs.

SKC Observer calls for more security from Cordish, by way of letters relating the threat of, or actual stories of violence from thugs in that area.

SKC Observer rationalizes that the loss of business realized by Cordish, will then be explained by dwindling crowds, due to those same instances of violence.

SKC Observerr laments the retreat of honest and law abiing citizens, in the face of the incessant, relentless approach of an inferior, violent culture (My inference.).

Thats all good, & SKC Observer's finger is on the spoken and unspoken pulse of America, when it comes to the revulsion and disgust that people feel when confronted with violent, thug, sub human culture.

Here is the problem. A few dozen more security guards will NOT stem the ever rising tide of an African American Tsunami of violence and racial hatred.

The only answer (Quelle Horreur!!) is violence.

For those of you, who think that more rhetoric, more social engineering laws and litigation, more guilt trips back in time, money ADC money for babies, more looking the other way as your fellow citizens are raped, robbed and murdered, I say this to you, YOUR FUCKIN IDIOTS.

African American culture, in our cities, as it exists, reveres only one thing, and one thing only, VIOLENCE.

Until the law abiding citizens of this nation are ready to use that violence, with extreme prejudice (No little irony in that expression.), then violent, sub human thugs, ruled only by atavistic instincts and a now vorasciously aquired taste for desrtuction and death, we Americans will continue to see African Americans rob, rape and murder our fellow citizens.

I'll leave ya with something from Jesse Jackson.

"jesse jackson:

"There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved. … After all we have been through. Just to think we can’t walk down our own streets, how humiliating."

9/27/11 6:22 AM

chuck said...

Here is a quote from Eldridge Cleaver, our ex mayor's brother.

"I became a rapist. To refine my technique and modus operandi, I started out by practicing on black girls in the ghetto… and when I considered myself smooth enough, I crossed the tracks and sought out white prey."

The ONLY option, the ONLY thing thugs understand, is VIOLENCE.

Superior and overwhelming force.

Until then, just keep whistling thru that graveyard, filled with victims of violent crime, that we were all too afraid to recognize, for what it really is, HATE CRIMES, that take place every day in this nation, some small, far too many bathed in blood and coupled with the shame of the refusal of the main stream media to recognize them for what they are.

The Observer said...

I have a question:  do you believe that Black people *themselves* are inferior or that Black people have adopted a inferior dysfunctional American subculture of broken family, distain for education, entitlement mentality, lack of impulse control and planning, poor work ethic and violence?  In other words, do you believe that to *be* Black is to be a shitheel and a thug or that Blacks have unfortunately accepted and adopted this culture and way of acting as the norm?

You will notice that I did not speak of race in the post; that is because I wanted to drive home the point that continually yielding to the shitheel culture was the problem, not a certain  group of people.

I will probably have more to add later when I have a full keyboard.  The keys on an iPhone get awful small after awhile.

The Observer

The Observer said...

And of course, thanks for reading and commenting. That goes for you also anon. To you I would just say that our shopping and entertainment districts are less like neighborhoods and more like resources--resources we need to guard.

The Observer (finger is getting tired!)

Anonymous said...

You always have to take tony's posts with a shaker of salt. There are no issues in the P&L with fighting or crowds. If anything, the atmosphere is as good as it has ever been and certainly better than some other downtown nightspots. I don't know about P&L's security scheduling, but I know it felt safe the past few saturday nights. Tony hadn't posted about the P&L for a few weeks so he made something up.

Bob G. said...

We're on a similar page today, just got there through different directions...I love it.

Our utility co. in Fort Wayne (I&M) aka AEP is considering a nice hefty 17% rate hike (and just in time for WINTER).

That's gonna jack UP the typical monthly bill to the tune of about $20 bucks on average!

I guess SOMEONE has to pay for those lazy-asses on the dole, hmm?

Curiously enough, the city did refrain from raising property taxes (and here ours had slipped DOWN to about $89 and change a YEAR from a once yearly rate of about $600...thanks to section 8 housing moving ALL around us...gotta love that).

I DO know our household is getting damn sick and tired of paying for all those that just don't "want" to pay...and we know who THEY are.

I hear 'ya about standing one's ground...you really HATE to have to "pay" for any real estate TWICE (or more like we often did in the 'Nam)

Fight the GOOD fight.

Great post & good luck with your situation.

Stay safe out there.

Anonymous said...

If you haven't noticed, most people have already run away - to Olathe, Blue Valley, Lee's Summit, Liberty, Shawnee. They threw their hands up and abandoned the trash heap of KCMO long ago.

There's violence in the Power and Light? Big surprise. That's why they spend their weekends at Oak Park Mall.

There aren't many of us left to take out the trash, and the trash isn't only at Power & Light.

Plus the arrogant bigots at Cordish aren't doing much to gain our sympathy.

chuck said...

I have a question: do you believe that Black people *themselves* are inferior or that Black people have adopted a inferior dysfunctional American subculture of broken family, distain for education, entitlement mentality, lack of impulse control and planning, poor work ethic and violence? In other words, do you believe that to *be* Black is to be a shitheel and a thug or that Blacks have unfortunately accepted and adopted this culture and way of acting as the norm?"

Do I believe that black people themselves are inferior?

Whats inferior?

Sharks have little if any measurable IQ, yet rule the oceans by way of force and an instinct that drives them and their offspring to rule their environs.

In terms of raw IQ, teh classic Stanford Binet, shows Jews and Asians 7 to 15 points higher, on average than white folks.

There, exactly, is my point.

I ain't showing up for work on the Hadron Collider any time soon, and I don't want to rape, rob or murder any of those rich folks, who work there, have nicer shit than I do, and hotter girlfriends.

I agree, that the culture itself, alided and abbetted, by uber violence from African Americans, and the threat of same, in the face of cowardice from the media, police and oursleves.

There is the key. It is NOW UP TO THE INDIVIDUAL to arm him/herself and kill those who threaten, or inflict violence.

The actual facts of African American violence, on other African Americans, and on other races, is catagorically unambiguated, and undisputed.

It way past time for rhetoric, and new laws, or initiatives, like "Nite Hoops" and shit for brains ideas, that in effect, justify the very behaviour that needs to be eliminated.

Draconian, harsh corporal, and mortal punishment is in order, and it is in order now.

chuck said...

Here is a post a friend of mine sent me from Craig's List today.

"Ok so i am like in love wit lil wayne but i know i will prolly never get my chance so i am lookin for the next best thing. I wanna look a like. The hair the tats oh i want it all. So if you think you measure up send me a pic and ill decide. If your white do not apply. You do not look like him i promise. I am lookin for somethin right outta the hood. If you can rap extra points. If your a creepy old guy jus wanting to send pics of ur cock please jus move on. Hope someone out there can make my fantasy come true."

Violent rhymes that a 2nd grader could make, calling for the destruction of heretofore American valuues, ideas, ethics and morals (Karma Todd Haley, Karma.)which in turn, by way of a lack of opprobrium, attracts morons and cretins like the one from above, is a huge negative and a bad omen for the continuation of a culture that our fathers fought and died for.

The African American Hip/Hop/Holocaust Culture of death, approved de facto by the MSM, is the lowest form of what we call the lowest common demoninator, in, the American culture.

chuck said...