Saturday, September 10, 2011

Lower Manhattan, 1972/73

Taken from the Statue of Liberty ferry, on a cloudy, windy late fall or early spring day. If you enlarge by clicking on the picture, you will see a building skeleton to the right of the Trade Center--it is either 7 World Trade or the Deutsche Bank building.

I always thought that lower Manhattan would look, more or less like this, for my lifetime...


Capt. Schmoe said...

World Trade 7. Had it collapsed on any other day it would have been a huge headline. As it was, it was barely a side-note.

One of the many ironies.

Thanks for the post.

The Observer said...

Capt. Schmoe:

Yes. Crazy conspiracy theorists have 7 World Trade Center now. Sad.

On a brighter note, congrats on your retirement!

The Observer