Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Crapload of Crap

Wow have we been riding the crap train in Kansas City--and nationally--these last few days newswise. Not one but two (2) incidents of multiple homicide in KCMO--three victims each--over the past few days. Also killings in the Golden Ghetto of JoCo KS. KCMSD losing accreditation. Our big college conference is falling apart-- yes the Big 12 whose championships we often host, who provides the scaffolding for our regional college rivalries--is in serious trouble. Oh yes, our professional sport teams continue to stink, even with the small rays of hope surrounding the Royals.

Nationally we have continued news of a poor economy with the most disheartening being the increasing poverty rate, decreasing middle class and concentration of more wealth among fewer people to the detriment of all-- yes it is a detriment if all the rich do is sit on their money or practice the godless philosophy of Ayn Rand. Politicians and economists are only guessing at what might actually help create the jobs we so desperately need, what would free up private enterprises to decide to hire people. I believe we are in a period of creating an entirely new economic order--doesn't this adjustment period stink? We seriously have to readjust our sights from an economy based on consuming and consumerism to one more inclined to being self sufficient and as self contained as possible, to serving one another, and to feeding into (rather then taking advantage of) hot economies in other parts of the world. There are going to be some hard choices to make, and a lot is against us,

So how is your week so far?


Anonymous said...

This has not been a good week in our family either. Our beloved son and beautiful and talented daughter in law lost their baby at 15 weeks.
This is a couple who have done everything right. They both finished their college degrees, got married, bought a little starter house, and bought a little business in Prairie Village. The only thing they needed was a family.

Sometimes life is just unfair. How many children are born unexpectedly to couples who have not got it together or planned anything?

Well, they already had the crib put together, so David is taking it down now. The things that people have given Gretchen will be stored in the attic for the time being (they own a small retail coffee shop in Prairie Village and have lots of regulars who had already given "almost new" items to them)

The family is very sad right now, so if you visit their shop (you know who you are), please be patient with them.

Just had to vent. The children have asked us not to ask. They will certainly try again, but we are still so very sad.

Bob G. said...

Change a few of the names and places around...and we're pretty much in the same boat.
(just at another oar, praying the "emperor" doesn't want to go WATER-SKIING)
About average?
...yeah, that's us these days.

And it's not getting any easier.

Stay strong, people.
And stay safe.

The Observer said...


I am so sorry for your family's loss; please accept my condolences.

I am glad to provide a venue--even just this small one--for you to pour out your heart and give you a moment of feeling a bit more settled.

I wanted to reply sooner, but I wanted a full keyboard so I could write a thoughtful reply. The iPhone is wonderful but has some limitations that I didn't want getting in the way of responding to you.

I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

The Observer

The Observer said...

Bob G:
The sameness of the problems across our country is discouraging. There are few venues without difficulties.

We just keep working, trying to do the best we can, with God's help.

Have a great week and thanks for reading.

The Observer