Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Obama Time

Monday, President Barack Obama gave a short speech. He was late. I made this note on Facebook.

It is a small thing in the end but it is something that decreases trust and hurts credibility: Obama always being late--if you say that you are speaking at 0930 and you come out at 0956...that is just not cool. Obama needs to stop being on "Obama time" and rejoin the rest of us on regular time.

I want to go a little further; tardiness is not tolerated in the regular work place at all. If you are late on a repeated basis, most jobs will at least counsel you, if not release you all together. It is disrespectful to those you work with, those who are your customers, and yourself. It reflects a lack of care, consideration and planning that does indeed reflect badly on you. When you are late, you are saying a multitude of things most of which are not good; Disorganization, not having your act together, arrogance and self centeredness, for starters. I know that KMBZ has been inconvenienced by the president's lateness several times; just about all of his daytime speeches end up on "Obama time."

So President Obama, be a man of your word. When you say 9:30 a.m., show up at 9:30 a.m. It means that you are ready, willing and able to competently do your work. That is a standard that the majority of us in your audience have to fulfill daily.


The Observer said...

Errata: the speech was Monday, not today, Tuesday. I'll fix it later Wednesday. Thank you for reading.
The observer.

chuck said...

Is he late all the time??

The Observer said...

For daytime speeches yes. The KMBZ host from 9 to 11 now makes a contest of it--guess when Obama actually starts and win a prize. He does seem to do a little better for the evening events--I can't recall him being more than 5 minutes off for those. I think he knows the networks would kill him for screwing up evening prime time by being very late.
There was the Sunday night when he was to announce that OBL had been taken out--White House said he'd speak at 9:30 pm our time and he did not come out til over an hour later if my memory is correct. That was bad as everyone was trying to figure out why the POTUS wanted to speak on Sunday night--many thought it was going to be something bad until the news started leaking out

Thanks for reading and commenting.
The Observer.

Bob G. said...

I have always strived to be either ON TIME, or, as is usually the case...EARLY.

The ONLY time I want to be "late" is for my own funeral.

One's word SHOULD be one's bond...sadly, that's not the case with a lot of folks today.

Even sadder still, is that the ONE person who should be a GOOD example (or role model for a smattering of exemplary behavior) for us all, is at the top of the "food chain", politically-speaking.
And, as we've found out, he's not the tastiest turnip in THAT patch.

Good post.

Stay safe out there.

The Observer said...

Bob G:
I could not agree with you more.

This president has made more gaffes involving courtesy, ceremony and conduct in formal situations than have been made in a long time. As a member of the same generation, I would say that his age has something to do with it as my generation has fallen away from those things a bit.

As to time management, he sets a poor example and reflects poorly on himself when he is late.

Thanks for reading and commenting.

The Observer

chuck said...

Ya gotta be on time.