Saturday, September 17, 2011

Small Anniversary Coming Up

One year ago September 23, 2010, a small slightly fluffy kitten joined The Observer's household. She was found by a friend of mine--more accurately she found him--when she approached him in a rainy McD's parking lot. She was the size of his hand at the time, slightly rumpled and damp from the rain. She let him collect her, and he presented her to me, knowing I liked cats. I really didn't have plans to acquire a new cat, but I took her, well, because it was 11 at night, and the radar was showing more storms coming.

Photo taken September 24, 2010; the day after the SmallFry, stranded in a McDonald's parking lot, was rescued from thunderstorms. Yes, those are GirlCat death rays in the background.

I called around to see if there was someone who could help me get her to a good home. Everyone had wait lists/no resources yada yada and so there was no help. I didn't name her for several weeks because I was hoping not to get attached, plus, well, I was not coming up with much for names at the time. After about 3 weeks, I figured I better give her a better name than SmallFry and so she got a proper name.

She is a cute cat. She's never gotten very big--she is easily the smallest of my cats. She guards her food with fierce sounding growls, leading me to believe that she lived in a household with many cats, or with dogs. In fact, that growl is something of a trademark. She growls when displeased, rather than meowing. It is funny to hear this mean sounding noise coming from this smidgen of a cat.

I didn't plan on having another cat, but I am glad I was able to get this little one off the street. She is one smart observant little cookie, playful and athletic. A lot of fun and a blessing--a happy one year anniversary.

SmallFry today, pictured outside on the stoop during some supervised outside time.


David said...

Good on you. Looks like a twin sister to one of our rescue cats. Lucy growls too.

Laila and Minchie said...

She is beautiful!

The Observer said...

I was lucky to be in position, even a shaky one, to take her in. What would I have done if I could not have taken her in? I guess I would have gone on the waiting list at WW.

There is no way I would have turned her in to KCMO animal control. And that right there is as good a reason to hurry up and fix KCMO animal control and the KCMO shelter, so no one is torn between keeping animals they cannot support well, or placing them in a less than healthy high kill environment.

The Observer

Groucho K. Marx said...

T.O.- you HAVE to be one of God's favorite people! ;)

Bless you and "SmallFry."

Bob G. said...

And so the "Observer" has her own "l'il observer" now...she's cute beyond words.

That's my kind of "happy ending" (all around).
Happy anniversary "Little O".
You've got a good home!

Stay safe.

The Observer said...

Thanks everyone!

Now if I put a Paypal link up, would anyone contribute to the can-and-kibble-and-litter fund?

The Observer