Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Sly James is Kansas City's New Mayor

Sly James at a forum in the southland.

Well, the new mayor of Kansas City is Sly James. Mr. James won with 54% of the vote. It will be interesting to see how the vote played out in the various neighborhoods of the city; if it came to pass, as has it been posited that the 6th and the southwest corridor of the 4th provided the deciding votes.

Jim Glover and John Crawford are separated by a mere 8 votes with Glover in the lead in the 4th at large.

Michael Brooks and Ken Bacchus are separated by a mere 111 votes with Brooks in the lead in the 5th in district.

Sharon Sanders Brooks LOST to Jermaine Reed--and not by a little. SSB managed to garner only 35% of the 7,885 votes cast in the 3rd district. It appears as if all of the votes cast for Michael Fletcher went to Reed giving him the win. Other in district winners are Davis, Johnson, Marcason and Sharp. Terrence Nash ran an aggressive race, but only received 33% of the votes cast in that 6th district race.

Other At Large council winners are Wagner, Ford, Curls, Circo and Taylor. In that 6th district race, Tracy Ward received 38% of the votes cast with 62% going to Mr. Cathy Jolly.

So there will be new blood in the mayor's office and some new blood on the City Council. Not so much for the 6th district, alas...

I also anticipate some re-counting, especially in that Glover/Crawford race. Get your pencils out.

Next: Earnings tax, and for Hickman Mills C-1 patrons, the school board--April 5th, two weeks from now.


the observer said...

What? They found a bunch of Glover votes under some table or something? All of a sudden the tally is Glover 34,788, Crawford 26,388, making it a 55%/45% win for Glover.

Where were those votes at 9:30?

Bob G. said...

They voted in a mayor named "SLY"???
(Heaven help you)
Yes, check your demographics, and then check the census...
After that, check for voter fraud (and turn over every rock for progressives and see if dead folks voted, too)...lol.

Good luck to you.
(you all might need it)

Keep us aprised as to how he works out (hoping he's NOT like Kwami Kilpatrick - former mayor of DETROIT and NOW, a convicted felon)

Stay safe out there.

the observer said...

Bob G:
LOL! No, Sly is short for Sylvester, a name that makes people think of a cat with a Speeth Impediment!

He's pretty cool--this is his first elected office. He's a lawyer by trade but not in corporate work. He has done a lot of community work. He is a retired Marine.

It's going to be tough going--there are a lot of issues and there are no easy answers.

Thanks for the look see. By the way, drop down and read my ruminations on poor voter turnout. I'd be interested in your take!

The Observer