Friday, March 4, 2011

Dirty Rain

After all the crazy weather moved through on Sunday many people in the Kansas City area woke up Monday morning to cars that looked like mud had been dribbled on them. It was particularly nasty looking if you had a dark colored car. I was so disgusted with the appearance of my car that I ran off to the car wash without taking a "before" photo. It seemed as if many felt the same as I was pretty hard pressed to find a good example of a dark car with "mud rain" on it!

It looked pretty much like this does on this dark tinted back window of a white Ford SUV. In fact the dirt even showed on this white car! Ugly, ugly, ugly--get thee to a car wash!

Where did it come from? Apparently, a dust storm came up in Texas and the rain came down from the clouds through the dust cloud, landing laden with suspended dirt particles upon our vehicles and anything else outside (would have hated to have had laundry outside drying!). Here's a link to the National Weather Service explanation of what happened. It was worse in Springfield, Missouri and in the Ozarks.

I'm glad this got a mention or two in some news sources around town--we did get some "dirty rain" when they were working on the Grandview Triangle. This time, there was no big construction project to blame!


Bob G. said...

Can't say we managed to "enjoy" a dirty rain here in Indiana...

We just got a good old GULLY-WASHER (on top of the melting snow!
Floods in a few places, but nowhere near us.

The UP side to this rain (here) is that is washed all the grimy road SALT off of the Wifeymobile...and YES, it IS STILL BLUE...LOL!

I'm surprised some liberals aren't blaming G.W. for your rain...!


Have a great ("ooh, shiny") weekend.

Stay safe out there.

the observer said...

Bob G:
ooh, shiny indeed--LOL--and double that because I went to the auto show!

My car is still pretty clean amazingly--our streets have had a round or two of rain and the snow is pretty much gone.

Have a great Sunday!

The Observer