Saturday, March 19, 2011

Links I Liked These Last Few Days

I don't usually do a link list, but sometimes, in your travels through the interwebs you just find stuff that is interesting that you want to share...

In Overland Park, KS on Friday, firefighters and police officers trained to do a vital but somber duty--being part of an honor guard for a fallen comrade. The Kansas City Star offered this photo gallery of their activities.'s photo blog The Big Picture has a new gallery of Japan earthquake photos, this time looking at life one week post temblor. Do the pictures of people poring over lists of names remind you of anything?

The New York Times auto blog summarizes some of the disruptions that have hit the Japanese auto makers since the earth quake as of March 11. Since then, GM had to close a plant in Louisiana due to parts shortages.

This human interest story about The Marching Cobras' founder, director and mentor Willie Arthur Smith's illness was a good read. The only bad thing, as this summary of the activities of St. Patrick's Day related (in the fourth paragraph down) that Mr. Smith suffered a burglary Wednesday night. The moral of the story is that if you are mentioned in the paper and you are not at your home, get a good friend with a big mean dog and a CCW permit to stay in your house for a few days. Burglar, you suck stealing from this man who has given the community so much--I'm praying you get caught. No Irish luck for you.

Someone has started a blog about councilman John Sharp running for reelection. It is worth a look see before this coming Tuesday. Lots about his (mis)management of MAST.

How unlikely is it that you can come up with the perfect NCAA men's basketball brackets? As this Kansas City Star article points out, extremely unlikely. Let's put it this way--how many zeros in a quintillion? So please, no crying over Richmond and Morehouse State.

That's about it around here. We were under a Severe Thunderstorm Watch but most of the severe activity has move south and west of the metro, so none of the five Kansas City metro counties (Jackson, Clay, Platte in Missouri, Johnson and Wyandotte in Kansas) are included in the watch which extends back into southeastern Kansas and northeastern Oklahoma. There is still rain around and even some small hail, so be careful out there.


Anonymous said...

I got a robocall from John Sharp yesterday. I transcribed it, and then edited it for truth:

Hi, this is Councilman John Sharp. Thanks for letting me serve as your councilman the last 4 years. The recession's been tough, and we are caught helpless in its grip. The feds are keeping 2,000 jobs in our area by keeping the new Honeywell plant in South Kansas City and starting the job of poisoning a new generation of workers. The new headquarters for the police south patrol is being built just south of Bannister, though no one knows why. Red Bridge Road's being supersized, while destroying a historic park. Sidewalks are being built on Blue Ridge, though they won't take you anywhere. Trader Joe's is coming to Ward Parkway, which I found out about the same time you did. All of this would have happened even if a used refrigerator like you might have seen on Blue River Road (which is closed due to my negligence) were sitting in the 6th district seat. Hope you'll send me back for another 4 years so I can start proving my worth to the predatory political interests that will give me a nice job lobbying for them when I get off the council. And to fatten up my pension, too. Thank you. Suckers.

the observer said...


I hope you didn't mind I shared your work on the blog, just below Sharp's ridiculous letter that arrived last week.

Folks don't forget to vote tomorrow.

The Observer