Saturday, March 26, 2011

Kind of Blocked

There's just so much going on both in my life and in the news. I am overwhelmed.

There are things in my life that DEMAND attention NOW. They sit in my mind and they will suck all the juice out if I am not careful. Some of them have to wait until Monday.

Music shuts them up for a while. Just enough to turn the noise off so I can pray and think.

Meantime, there's the world. Gas is 3.449 today. Buying gas is a speculative act. Although since the price only seems to be going up buying now looks like a win. The United States seems to have gotten in another military action, this time in Libya. I hear all these pundits: No, we should stay out of other countries business. Yes, we must help those who wish to have more say in their governance. Yada, yada, yada. I also keep thinking about money and this country's debt. Can we really afford to fight another war? (Not to mention the human capital of our stretched-way-too-thin military.)

Meantime, locally, we've elected a new mayor, but in some quarters there are already people bagging on him. The grifters and hangers-on are around Sly James, looking for jobs and angles. The race baiters are already accusing him of not being able to relate to the third council district; that he's not in touch with the crime situation. Jeez, guys, he's only been elected--he doesn't even officially take office until May. In addition, I never heard him promise that it was going to be easy--nothing in this economic and social environment is going to be easy and only a fool would think so, or impart that thought to someone else.

I was pretty young in the 1970s but I knew we were dealing with some tough stuff. There was unrest and a lot of hurt. I think we are headed that way again. Despite myself, I'm a little bit apprehensive about both my own future and that of my city and my country.


bill kostar said...

What Mr. James needs to do is ignore all the long-time grifters and hangers-on and surround himself with serious people who are truly interested in public policy and what's good for the whole metro, including a good number of people who he already knows DON'T agree with him, discuss and settle on some sound policies that address serious long-term issues like public safety, and press on. As your excellent post points out, big serious challenges require steady, focused, and sustainable efforts as well as command attention, regular supervision, and demanding accountability.
Being difficult doesn't mean intractable, but we need to get to the core of issues, not just fiddle at the margins.
At this juncture, what KCMO needs most of all is leadership with the guts to focus and see things through.
I wish Mr. James and the council the best in meeting this test.

Bob G. said...

I hear 'ya when it comes to things that DEMAND one's attention.

It's difficult to beat back all the distractions (all the time), so that you can get about to living your life and doing what needs getting done.

Stay safe out there.

Groucho K. Marx said...


I got where you're at about 10 years ago.

It doesn't get any better GENERALLY- but I do savor the good times LOTS more than I did in those younger daze.

Just that there's not enough of the latter it seems.

Pssst- there's a vacant- upholstered room next door to mine if yer interested... ;)

Peace- I mean that!

The Observer said...

bill kostar--

I cannot believe the bitch fest that has come around Sly James already, although most of it is inside baseball like at Tony's KC. Let's sit back and see what happens for the first bit of his term.

Bob G and Groucho:
Thanks for the support--I'm getting a start on getting my arms around some of the personal things, although the biggest one still needs action. Friday was a really crappy day...

The Observer