Wednesday, March 16, 2011

More Mailers: Forth District At-Large Race

This forth at large race has gotten contentious. This was the first mailer that hammered Jim Glover's record...
Mr. Crawford wants everyone to see him as a very different choice for council.

Now this mailer just came today...When I first handled it, it was this side I saw first. I couldn't even tell what candidate it was from at this point. I anticipated a positive message to be honest, "Hi, I'm running for office and I promise 'not politics as usual'."

I found this when I turned it over. Get the hammer out!
Getting muddy out there folks!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting the flier. But I have to say; if Mr. Glover really is a career politician (and running in the last seven elections suggests that's true), then why shouldn't voters be allowed to know that?

Speaking for myself, I matters to me. We really do need a break from the same people year after year. We really are in a rut.

the observer said...

Thanks for commenting.

The purpose of posting the flyers was not to be critical of them but two fold--to further put forth their content and to compare and contrast with the (somewhat uselessly) civil mayor's race.

Jim Glover is a career politician!

The Observer