Friday, March 11, 2011

Japan Quake

Earthquakes are probably the natural disaster that scare me the most.

Storms, tornadoes, even hurricanes strike a relatively confined area. Many times there is warning or hints of the trouble to come. Prediction, while an imperfect science, is a little bit possible.

When I awoke around 0230 this morning, I had no idea that Japan had had a tremendous earthquake followed by a devastating tsunami. I found out when I checked Facebook and found news updates there. There was no hint that any such thing would happen. A large amount of the country felt the quake. Resources for rescue were affected. Roads and communications were compromised.

I kept asking myself, as I listened to the usual emergencies being broadcast on my scanner, how in the world we would find resources to deal with such a catastrophe.

Aftershocks continue in Japan, as strong as 6 on the Richter Scale. Nuclear power plants have been imperiled, and plans are being carried out to avoid core meltdowns right now. There will be much news to follow.

Japan is 15 hours ahead of CST, so it is almost 1300 Saturday afternoon as I write this. Say a prayer for Japan before you go to bed tonight.

There are lots of pictures, but this collection is one of the best.

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Bob G. said...

Thanks for the link to the pictures.

Somehow, all the pics and vids and even most of the eyewitness accoutns pale in comparison to having to endure such a catastrophe.

Just speaking of the nuclear angle on this...the people in Japan have a long way to go before they are out of the woods.
But I firmly believe they will fare better than those in Haiti...or even those around after Katrina (in the similar period of time).

Prayers WILL work wonders.

Stay safe out there.