Tuesday, January 18, 2011

More Snow?

More snow is predicted for late in the day tomorrow, Wednesday. Predictably the numbers are all over the place from just a couple inches to six or more. The mild day we had yesterday cleared the pavement, but the declining temps and a quick precip burst created slippery roads this Tuesday morning.

In many ways I like snow, after the initial problems with travel. It's kind of pretty and makes everything quiet. My neighborhood, never real noisy, seems very tranquil after a snow fall. The photo above was taken after the last four inch snowfall about a week ago.


Groucho K. Marx said...

I LOVE the sound-deadening qualities of snow!

It's too bad LOTS of it can't be used inside television studios during weathercasts...



Bob G. said...

Yeah, snow does have it's allure, and it can be a mixed blessing...

Serene on the one hand and bad when you have to drive in it with all the idiots who DON'T know how to drive in it...

Can't seem to win, can we?
But we can still like the snow.

Good post.

Stay safe and warm out there.

the observer said...

As I said, we got it. I was so grateful not to have to be out in the rush hour Wednesday evening--all my events were canceled.

There sure wasn't much "rushing" going on on most KC highways that night!


Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
I am fascinated with snow. However, not enough to wish for a lot of it.

I hesitate to mention, but we haven't gotten too much of it this year . .. I never know what to say to my Midwestern blog friends this season!

They and you are taking it on,
Ann T.

the observer said...

Ann T:
Most of it seems to be scooting up the coast, hitting Philly and New York and skipping DC.

At least so far. Weather patterns can change. Keep your shovels ready.

The 3-5 has turned to 2-4 and maybe 1 inch tonight. Nevah know.

The Observer