Sunday, January 30, 2011

Argh! More Snow!

Well the weather folks are forecasting a bit of winter weather for our region starting tomorrow. In fact this impressive storm will affect people in a large swath of the United States. Here is the map of winter weather advisories, storm warnings, etc. etc. as of 2135 or so.

The storm is forecast to take a southern track from California, nip the top of Texas, then really come together over southern Missouri. Then it will move into the Ohio valley. It has everything--some cold/warm contrast, Pacific and Gulf coast moisture, and it will wind itself into a nice deep low pressure storm. That will result in wind, both in the storm affected areas and in areas like northern New England. The only question is the usual one about exact storm track. As long suffering Midwesterners know, 50 miles north or south or east or west can be the difference between snowmaggedon and pfft, nothin'.

The way the weather folks are seeing it now, it will start with freezing drizzle/rain after midnight tonight and mix freezing drizzle/rain/sleet/snow for most of Monday. Then starting later Monday night/early Tuesday morning, snow will start. It will snow all day Tuesday and perhaps into Wednesday. Due to the low pressure storm and a lurking Canada arctic cold high pressure system, the pressure gradient will cause Tuesday afternoon and after to be windy too. Blizzard conditions then are possible.

So, then, travel may get very interesting starting tomorrow morning. Regularly scheduled blogging and commenting could be impacted, just to let you all know. Facebook will be active though--I'll let you know what I see using that social medium.

Yes, more "shovel ready" fun! I do not think this is what the president had in mind.

The shovel is ready...


Bob G. said...

This is the reason I like you and your blog so much.
Great minds DO think alike...
Especially on MONDAYS (with the snow coming.

I hear 'ya!
(we're ready up here)

Only thing shovel ready about THIS administration IS all the BS.
(which would provide a LOT of jobs clearing THAT stable out...LOL.)
A job of Herculean proportions.

Stay safe & warm down there.

the observer said...

Bob G:
Again, just couldn't resist.

A light glaze today--enough to cause a couple of school buses and a fire truck to slide around, among others.

A pause. Then SNOW, according to the NWS.

And pointed at you and everyone east of here and New England too. This storm may affect 100's of thousands of folks before it is done!

Be safe and warm.

The Observer