Saturday, January 29, 2011

Cats at Play

Sometimes, we can use a break from all the serious stuff. My cats like to play catch and bat. It's fun to try and catch them at their athletic best with the camera. Here are a few shots of cats and round objects in the air.

GirlCat has her eye on the ball here.

BoyCat actually has batted the ball away after trapping it.

GirlCat spears a ball of aluminum foil in this shot.

Cat fun--pretty much available twenty-four hours a day at my house. :)


Bob G. said...

You took some great action shots...!

Every time I try it w/ our cats, they either DON'T move, or keep moving CLOSERr, screwing up the focal length.

I really need to get us a "cat-wrangler"...LOL!

the observer said...

Bob G:
Lots and lots of trial and error! A luxury that you have with the digital media as the errors do not cost anything to process and can be deleted on the spot.

There is a lag time between pressing the "shutter" button and actual picture taking with the dig camera. I found I had to throw and shoot at about the same time. The autofocus usually worked OK but there were a few blurry ones.

You can increase the F stop which will increase focal range--that helps with focus issues sometimes!

These guys just like to play with thrown objects!

Thanks for stopping in.

The Observer