Friday, November 12, 2010

Rain Exposes Most Metro Drivers as FRAUDS!

So OK, it hasn't rained around here in about a month. I guess that's long enough for everyone to forget how to handle the car in the wet conditions.

It's been ridiculous, folks! People crashing at a prodigious rate! And not just minor crashes, but several fatal crashes including one in the northland and another in Lee's Summit.

Please remember that visibility is reduced in the rain, so you won't see as far ahead. Stopping distance increases in the rain, as does the likelihood of skidding if you need to make a quick maneuver or stop.

One of the problems is speed. Many people are just driving too fast! Others are driving too slowly and making obstacles of themselves, causing others to have to make driving decisions to get around them.
However the biggest thing is...LACK OF ATTENTION TO THE DRIVING TASK!

People, when you are driving, you are in control of a 1800-4000 lbs missile of glass, plastic and steel. You make that move at a rate of 95 feet per second when driving at 65 miles per hour. That is about 30 yards in one second--about a third of the field of play on a football field. Please think about this when you use your phone, text on your phone or fiddle with your radio. A lot can happen in just a few seconds! Remember the goal: Arrive Alive.

Images: KCI--vehicle into lake--KMBC. Northland crash--Fox 4 and KSHB. Lee's Summit--KMBC.


Bob G. said...

I have followed my Dad's advice since I started driving WAY back in the mid 1970s...

And if you've got a GOOD work ethic, there's no problem with that.

Sadly, many people (today) have absolutely NO work ethic to begin with...and we can see the results every day.

Excellent post.
Love the stats.

Stay safe out there.

the observer said...


Even if you whack that speed in half for city streets, that is still an impressive 40 feet or so in one second. 40 feet is about 4 car lengths.

Pay attention people!

Even today with rain we had crashes and one fatality, which may have been medically related, but still...

Thank you for your readership and your faithful comments!

Pray your week is going well!