Friday, November 19, 2010

Paseo Bridge Takes Last Cars Today

The Paseo Bridge has had its last day today providing passage to areas north of the river and the airport. Even though I have lived in the southland all the time I've been in Kansas City, I saw the Paseo Bridge on a fairly regular basis when I had a job in the early 1990s shuttling folks to and from the airport for Nazarene headquarters. I liked the bridge--like so many suspension bridges so elegant with its cables and curves. The simplicity of the supports gradually grew on me. When it became obvious that it would be replaced I was saddened. I would miss its simple and understated grace. The Bond Bridge has its own beauty, and I am sure that I will come to appreciate its increased capacity over time, but I am sorry to see the Paseo Bridge go.

Photo from The Pitch after a Google search. I wish I had my own photos!

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