Monday, November 22, 2010

Feeling Feisty Today... On Loose Juvy Offenders

Well, over at You're Looking Live--the sports division of the South KC Observer--I just hammered Bo Pelini, the coach of the University of Nebraska football team for acting like a dipwad during the Nebraska/Texas A & M game Saturday night.

On my personal FB page, I just took my church to task for continuing to announce an opportunity after the registration deadline passed.

Now, I am completely after the law enforcement people for how they are handling the escape of five young criminals from the juvy lock up.

First a few links--KSHB: Juveniles escape from Jackson County Juvenile Detention...KCTV: 5 Teens Escape... KMBC: Police Searching for Juvenile...Fox4: Juveniles on the Jackson County authorities searching...

Now, typically I don't give you all those news links, but I wanted to this time to note that there is little information given that will be really helpful in engaging the community's help in catching these little miscreants. We do get ages and offenses--and don't they all sound like fine upstanding young citizens who just had a moment of bad judgement--but no description at all. We're left wondering if they are White, Black or something else; if they are tall or short, fat or thin, brown haired or blond. We're given no clue about their neighborhoods of origin, or home towns...

Further freaking more--they did not release this information until SUNDAY and the escape was FRIDAY. So these little..darlings...have had a TWO DAY HEAD START.

Please forgive the capitals, but this is ridiculous. Confidentiality has that much status over public safety?!?



Bob G. said...

It bugs me whenever they sit on perp descriptions...maybe I'm just getting old(er), but an INFORMED public is an AWARE public (who are better able to HELP law-enforcement).
And the last time I checked, police really DO like it when the public can help.

Good post.

the observer said...


So far, as I know at this time, two of the little darlings have turned themselves in.

One has told his family that there is no way he is turning himself in.

Hopefully, all will find their way back into the loving arms of the penal system soon.

Meantime, you and the Mrs. have a great Thanksgiving!

The Observer