Friday, November 5, 2010

An Idea to Bring In Some Money

We are all broke, including the government. The government has been trying all kinds of new and old ideas to bring in money. I had an idea.

Complete tax amnesty for 3 months. Now, it has to be kept simple. The taxpayer is responsible for documentation. The government will not spend a lot of time with a goofy "application" and "approval" process. (We saw how well that worked for the mortgage mess.) Once the debt is verified, payment is made by the taxpayer right there. No further penalty or process involved.

Didn't file with the IRS a couple years ago? Get that return together, pay the amount you would have owed back then, and send it in and be done. No interest. No penalty. (No refund back to you either though and to get amnesty and stop the IRS process, you must file return[s] for the missing year[s]).

Behind in personal property tax on your car? Find out how much and pay that amount only. No interest. No penalty. No problem.

Property taxes behind? Same thing. Pay it in full, without penalty or interest. No more threats of a tax sale of your property on the steps of the courthouse.

I think this would work. But it has to be kept simple, to keep administrative costs to a minimum. Simple works here. People would take advantage, knowing it would clear things up for good with the taxing agencies. I think the money would roll in.

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Bob G. said...

NOw I really LIKE your idea, even though I';ve never filed late or had any penalties attacehd to my (or our) records.

But, having worked for the Treasury Department (in another life), I can say that this governemnt entity wields WAY too much power.
This is ONE place the system could REALLY trim some pork down to size.

I know they have already closed several of the IRS service centers across the U.S. thanks to electronic filing, so THOSE people are also out of work.

But here is an agency that has outgrown a LOT of it's"usefulness" in they are purely motivated by the ever-growing budget they magae to justify.
If ANY business practiced what THEY have, they' be closed in a week, and the bosses all jailed.

But in the end it all DOES come down to being personally responsible for the debts each of us owes.
And some folks will always want to game the system and avoid "their fair share".

Still, your idea is the best one to come along yet...

Have a great Sunday.