Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mayor Funky Revival?

Land's sakes, we all have such short memories!

I even caught myself thinking that Kansas City Mayor Mark Funkhouser had actually started to sound reasonable in his last few public appearances and his monthly excursion into radio on KMBZ. The hosts of the show, Scott Parks and Mike Shanin, also noted that the tenor of the phone calls into the program had changed--there was less hostility and challenge to them.

But remember what has transpired over the past years since his election.

Messy conflicts with personnel at all levels, including the vital office of City Manager.

His wife Gloria's continued presence at City Hall, despite the $500,000 her habitation cost the city in a law suit settlement.

The general tin ear that Funkhouser possesses with regard to dealing with people.

The MAST merger.

Lots of broken promises with regard to being "smart with the money."

The 2009 snow removal fiasco.

Now, there are a bunch of people who would like to succeed Funkhouser as mayor. The sheer number of them, and his incumbent advantage could be enough to send Funkhouser through as one of the top two finishers, and possibly to a second term.

Is that what we want? Think about it.


Bob G. said...

THJis looks like a perfect case for exercising the privilege to vote!
Remember...THEY work for US...NOT the other way around.
(and we STILL surround THEM)

Keep the faith.

the observer said...


Oh, it's going to be a circus around here until the primary in February reduces the field from a very awkward 8 or so to 2.

In March, we'll elect the mayor and city council.

In April, we will be voting on the earnings tax,

I need to get over being sick of politics!

the Observer

dharmabum2009 said...

South Kansas City, specifically the Ruskin and Stratford areas are receiving no attention from the city as far as basic improvements in our area. The area formerly known as Bannister Mall and the stretch of Blue Ridge from Bannister Road to 71, is pathetic. Fast food joints, liquor stores, a couple of gas stations, no decent grocery stores, very few sidewalks and a generally run-down, ugly part of town.

Who is representing us at City Hall??? nevermind, I know the answer.

The big-money boys don't care for our part of town.

the observer said...


I am so not impressed with the sixth district hopefuls--and the one incumbent.

Also, the impact of the loss of Bannister Mall on this area has been way under appreciated. That is a tremendous location--there has to be an investor for it. However, if, as you so well point out, the area looks like crap, that discourages investors.

No, we have been poorly represented and ignored, which is pretty sad considering we have some great neighborhoods and people here.

Thanks for the comment--a tough reminder of the need for action.

The Observer