Saturday, November 20, 2010

New Fiats At LA Auto Show

Now this would be a spot for an autophile! The LA Auto Show is where is has been at this past week with new and refreshed models offered by several manufacturers. Now The Observer's household has been a Chrysler household since 1987 and I have been waiting to see the new offerings of small cars via partner Fiat. Not since the K Car and the minivan has the future of an automobile concern been so intertwined with a car model. Chrysler/Fiat must get a foothold in the small car market to go along with their continued strong work in Jeeps and large cars.

They look sort of small, don't they?

Kansas City Auto Show in March--hopefully, we'll have some of these to paw over...there is one authorized dealer--the charming people at Olathe Chrysler...


Bob G. said...

The ONLY way I'd EVER get one of these pregnant rollerskates would be as a keep in the trunk of my Wife's car...LOL.

Fiat doesn;t have that great a track record when it comes to reliability and manufacturing.
Anyone recall the Fiat STRADA from the early 1980s?
Piece of junk!
Right up there with the YUGO.

Besides,with them buying into Chrysler, I can expect a lot of "American" cars to be built in TURKEY from now on (so much for American jobs created with this).

ANd that's about as optimistic as I can be about this.
Maybe we'll all be driving the exact SAME "peoples' car" in the next 50 years...
Isn't that what Hitler did with the VOLKSWAGEN?

ANd yes, these fiats ARE small...wouldn't want to have a SEMI pass me while I was driving one of these.

Chryslers used to be built like TANKS (and I think they DID make tanks during WW2)...
Ford is looking better and better to me thse days...if I "have" to ever trade up.

the observer said...


LOL! "pregnant roller skates"--great line.

I forgot to mention that the Norte Americano Fiat 500s will be made in the same Mexican plant that made PT Cruisers.

Chrysler Communications posted a note on FB that President Obama and VP Biden will be stopping by a Chrysler transmission plant (Kokomo, IN--near you?) tomorrow. FB friends of Chrysler Comm were less than thrilled...favorite comment: "Don't let either of them touch anything."

Ah, the times we live in!

Pentastar Pride anyway, most of the time...

Bob G. said...

Kokomo is further SOUTH of us (thankfully).
I said in my post today that neither of them should SIGN anything...LOL.

Fiat 500s??
In America??
Oh Lord, we are SO hosed now!

Anyone remember the Austin America from the late 60s?
My TRICYCLE had larger wheels...!

Have a great Tuesday!