Friday, October 29, 2010

Vote November 2

On a rainy day in October 2008, I noticed this sign in Grandview. I have never seen one since, and have no idea where it came from.

In case you can't read it between the raindrops it says, "Get informed. Vote. Don't lose your voice."

So, please don't forget to vote November 2nd.


Bob G. said...

I only hope we don't see the "same" shenanighans with voter fraud (criminals an ddeceased people voting...who knew?), as well as voter intimidation like the NBPP did in Philly.
Like anything, it only seems to take a few "bad apples" to spoil the bunch for everyone else.

Nice sign.

the observer said...

Ah, yes, zombie voting! There was even a dead governor voting on the Kansas side!

(Ugh, I need to learn how to use those "tiny url" applications!)