Saturday, October 2, 2010

If You Could Learn to Do Anything, What Would You Learn to Do?

There are two things that I would love to try and see if I had any talent for. I love music. I love singing, and God in His grace gave me a decent ear, a decent voice and a workable sense of rhythm. I don't play any instruments though. I would love to be able to play the acoustic or electric guitar, but given the lack of coordination I exhibit on the typing keyboard, and the fact I struggled with it as a grade schooler tells me guitar might be out of reach. However, I am athletically coordinated, and maybe that might make me suitable for the drums. I would LOVE to learn to play the drums!!!

Doesn't that just look like so MUCH FUN!!

Now, I'm an alto in my singing voice, occasionally I get to sing melody with lower soprano parts but generally I'm singing harmony. Harmony is that thing that no one thinks about but adds so much to a musical number, no matter what the genre or type of music. Bass guitar is a harmony piece in most tunes, (although Paul Simon's "You Can Call Me Al" has a bass part to die for!). Bass guitar is not as complex as rhythm or lead guitar and I might be able to master it. I would LOVE to try!

The bass player is always "too cool for school"!

So that is my musical "bucket list". I don't know if it will even happen, but if you're in the Kansas City area and you see someone in a PT Cruiser playing air drums or the air bass guitar, it might just be me.


Steve said...

I've yet to meet one musician who at first didn't think what he or she wanted to play was nearly an impossible task. Then, suddenly it starts getting easier. And easier.

Give it a go.

Bob G. said...

I wasn't really much of a singer...UNTIL I HAD to audition for a part in our school "musical" (just wanted to be a walk-on) the LEAD, and had to JOIN THE CHOIR!
(talk about TERRIFYING)
At least I did well, got a school LETTER for it, and had fun.
I also taught myself the guitar, and was in two gospel groups at our church in the early 1970s.

These days, the voice is shot, and the hands are arthritic, but I DO so love to listen to classical music and good old classic rock (along with some easy listening from the good old days).

Heck, in grade school, we were taught the MELODY FLUTE (learned the Marines Hymn straight away)...I now have 2 recorders and really like native American music, as a result.
Go figure.

I honestly wish I could learn the piano, though.
I've known my share of people who could play almost anything by "ear", and I ALWAYS admired that (especially the pastor's wife...she could PLAY the church organ SO well).

Never too old to long as you have the desire AND the patience.

Keep the faith and have a great week.

the observer said...

Steve and Bob:
Thanks for the encouragement! Right now the hardest thing would be finding a venue. I lack much extra money for lessons or an instrument. I'll keep singing though, whenever I get the chance!

The Observer