Thursday, October 28, 2010

And A Word From the Wilds of Vermont

Libertarians and conservatives might be rare in my former home state but they have a lot of moxie. Enjoy this stick in the liberal eye from Vermont Woodchuck. A tip of the fedora to Vermont Loon Watch. The post is fun and funny, but also makes some pungent points about entitlements, the role of government and simple knowledge of what our Constitution really says.

A multiple choice test for liberals

Test your knowledge of the Constitution and Historywith this simple multiple choice test.

Select which of the words or phrases does not appear in the Constitution:
A) Health care B) Right to Privacy C) Separation of Church and State D) To each according to their needs E) A & D

The Fourteenth Amendment guarantees the right of:
A) Welfare B) absorbent paper towels C) Illegal immigration D) equal protection to all citizens

The Fourth Amendment guarantees the Right of the People to:
A) a bailout B) Social Security C) their persons, houses, papers, and effects D) Assemble

The Original Tea Party was a gripe over:
A) Bush Derangement Syndrome B) Taxes C) School Vouchers D) Big Dig E) The Stimulus

When the Liberals speak of letting a woman choose, do they mean they can choose to:
A) None of the following B) have a Down’s baby C) promise to honor and obey D) buy a gun E) vote Conservative


Bob G. said...

Now THAT is a darn fine start to ANY it!
I thought I was the only one that still used the word MOXIE...(wow).
Now there's TWO of
Love to start my weekend with a smile.
ANd you made that happen today.


(btw, I ACED the

the observer said...


Thought a few folks might enjoy this contribution from the Green Mountain State. :)