Wednesday, October 20, 2010

South KC, Be On The Look Out...

This article's descriptions sound a lot like the two guys who broke into the "wrong" apartment earlier this week. I post this not to make South Kansas City peeps fearful, but to ask you all to be careful who you open the door to, and to be extra observant these days. It would be good to catch these guys. Also make a note of anyone trying to sell laptops, electronics or cell phones for cheap. From the Kansas City Star:

KC man beaten, tied up, robbed during home invasion

Two robbers armed with a handgun and crowbar barged into a Kansas City apartment Tuesday night and beat and tied up a 19-year-old man.
The robbers stole three televisions, two laptops, cash, jewelry and other electronics. The victim suffered severe swelling to his head, forehead and mouth.
The victim told police he was home in the 10300 block of Hillcrest Road about 8:35 p.m. playing a video game when someone knocked on his door. He looked through the peephole, but could only see the back of a man’s head. When he opened the door to get a better look, two armed men forced their way inside. One suspect hit the victim with a crowbar on his head, and they tied him up with plastic zip-ties. They hit and kicked him in the face then covered him on the floor with a blanket as they ransacked the home.
The victim’s girlfriend came home about 15 minutes later and found her boyfriend covered in blood. She called police


Steve said...

Law of the Jungle apparently is overtaking civilization.

Rush'd Lady said...

I'll be careful. Thanks for the warning!

Bob G. said...

You are SO right...and unfortunately, it's spreading like wildfire.

Great post, T.O.
Eyes open and ears perked, folks!

Be prepared and stay safe out there.

Why Do We Put Up With This? said...

Yes, it's too bad we live in a city that doen's have serious community policing, any relationship and trust between the black community and city officials, and no real interest on the part of the authorities in intervening as the "law of the jungle" apreads throughout the community.
Tell me what the earnings tax pays for again!

Bob G. said...

As I have found out (in my part of Fort Wayne, IN), in some areas, "community-policing" simply DOES NOT WORK.
You have to have a viable COMMUNITY to make that happen.

What is REALLY needed is more PROBLEM-ORIENTED policing!

Take care of the PROBLEM first, re-establish a good sense of COMMUNITY, and THEN things will turn back around...not before.

Stay safe.

bill kostar said...

Bob's quite right. Community policing doesn't work if you don't have a cohesive neighborhood which will work together and with the police. The problem in KCMO is we have a situation in which neither the community, nor the police trust and work with one another which results in a dialogue of the deaf and a standoff which is becoming increasingly violence and murderous.
So who will go first?
If you had a community policing department like the one that currently exists in KCK, officialdom will have gone well more than halfway to begin to establish relationships and trust in the black community. The current practice of driving around and simply answering calls keeps the officers surrounded by glass and steel and eleiminates any chance for intereactions with residents.
The black community also desperately needs some new leaders who understand that by emphasizing responsibility and community and by working with the authorities, the minority of residents represented by the thugs can be overwhelmed by the great majority of people who live in the neighborhoods and simply want to live and work in a safe environment like the rest of us.
For neighborhoods to work effectively, both officials and the residents need to stand up.
In most east side neighborhoods now, you have neither.
Leadership is needed to take the first step, but that's what elections are about.

the observer said...

Cue Lawrence Welk--wonderful, wonderful comment thread. It's clean what we need to do to try and get crime under control. Do we have the will to do it becomes the question.

Thanks everyone for joining in the thread, careful and alert out there.

The Observer