Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Observer's New Kitten

A guy who uses the WiFi at the McD's that I often go to went to leave about 17 days ago. It had been storming that day, and more was on the way. He quickly returned inside the store carrying this kitten in his hand. She was all wet on her legs and belly, and shaking. I held her against me as I chatted on FB, and then I took her home. This is the kitten about 15 days later. She's grown, her fur is soft and she is bold and funny. I investigated avenues to find her a home, but everyone has a waiting list. So she's mine, at least for now.

She needs a good name! I've tried out a few but haven't found any I really liked yet. Ideas?


Bob G. said...

First off, you always want to check for ear mites...with a trip to the VET for shots, as well.

Always better to be safe than sorry...for everyone.

As to a name?
Persephone (goddess of the seasons)
Isis (goddess of love)
Penelope (wife of Odysseus)
But if that's too classical... could check HERE:

And THIS site is really cool:

Hope this helps.
Have fun, you two.
(and get a laser pointer...they LOVE chasing those light beams)


the observer said...


Thanks for the ideas! I finally got a name from of all things, a Bible study. Check out 1 Samuel 25 and note the wiseness of Abigail...

So kitty's name is Abigail or Abbie!


Ann T. said...

She IS a wise cat! She knew exactly what lap to go to.

Congrats on your new arrival,
Abbie is a very pretty name.

Ann T.