Monday, October 18, 2010

Pondering Proposition B: The Puppy Bill

One of several Propositions and constitution changes on the ballot November 2 (a mere 15 days away!) for Missouri voters, Proposition B proposes to make stricter regulations for Missouri's animal breeding operations. For some reason, Missouri is a hot bed of dog breeding. I have heard estimates of 30% of pure bred dogs are bred in Missouri. Missouri has also generated some very bad dog breeders who overbreed, crowd and generally treat their animals very badly. Thus this proposition, generated through the petition system, to attempt to strengthen Missouri law and make breeders treat their animals better.

Instinctively, I want to support this Proposition. However, my instinct is tempered with the knowledge that it is yet more government regulation and interference with the commerce and activity of the people. If you read the "Anti B" folks, they see the law as overly strict, running family owned "underfoot" (meaning pups are kept in the home) breeders out of business but not doing anything for the unlicensed "assembly line breeder". People against Prop B feel that current law is sufficient but needs more enforcement. People who are for Proposition B see current Missouri statues as totally inadequate and a complete failure in preventing poor breeding conditions at breeding operations. They see breeders as a group needing further regulation, on account of breeders treat dogs badly to reduce operating expenses so they can make more money.

So, as you consider Proposition B, think about the lines drawn between sensible regulation and the oppressive "nanny state"--you know, the one that wants to ban sugared drinks and transfats. Where does Prop B fall? Read the ballot language and full statue and think about it. Vote intelligently and well informed, whichever way you end up leaning.

LINK: The actual ballot language--please note this page contains all the ballot items for November 2. Proposition B is the fifth one down. You, however, should read the others too.

LINK: The statue that will result from a "YES" vote.

LINK: The Kansas City Star lays out the arguments on Prop B, and has 60+ comments too.


Bob G. said...

If PEOPLE policed THEMSELVES a lot better, we could in fact, have smaller governments and their regulations, laws and ordinances.

Puppy bredding can be a real nasty thing, especially with all the "in-breeding" that can often lead to mutations within the breed, and severe tempermental problems.

People need to be aware of this..and want something done about it.
It's not fair to those buying the puppies, and certainly not fair to the puppies themselves.

Good post.

the observer said...

Bob G:
You hit the nail right on the head. If people followed the rules, we could have smaller government. Paradoxically, those who follow the rules often do better profit wise in the end then those who do not. Unfortunately many are short sighted on this.

Another paradox: Socialistic government supposes that Man is perfectable (there's no doctrine of sin), but governs Man supposing he cannot look after himself. A government such as ours knows that Man is not perfectable, but also acknowledges Man to be able to do amazing things as well. This form of government allows people to absorb more consequences of their behavior, both good and bad, and supposes that people are more capable of looking after themselves than nanny socialist government.

The Observer