Monday, August 2, 2010

Weather Forecast: HOT!

Well, today, may have been the hottest day of the year. At Kansas City International Airport, which is away from the city (so no "urban heat island" effect) a high temperature of 99 was reached this afternoon around about 1600 or so. The dew point was 75. That's hot.

For the municipal airport, situated just north of downtown, on the Missouri River, they held the 100 degree reading for 4 hours starting with the 1500 reading. The dew points ranged from 73 to 70. That's hot.

The high for Lee's Summit, MO airport was 97 and for Olathe, KS 98, both with dew points around 75. That's hot.

The forecast for tomorrow? Per the National Weather Service, a high of 99. Needless to say, an excessive heat warning is in effect, until 2100 CDT tomorrow.

Now, we will find out if August heat affects voting turnout like November rain.


peedee said...

yuck. Thats a tad hot for sure. Its been hot here as well. Heat indexes are pretty high. I don't pay attention to the numbers anymore. I know its going to be a hot day when I walk outside at 5:30am into a wall of humid heat.

Stay cool girl!

Bob G. said...

It's hot here in NE Indiana, too...but I kinda figure it IS summer...and I don't have to bust a stone shoveling SNOW from the sidewalk...

It all balances out (as long as the A/C is working nicely, thank you)

Keep cool and have a cold drink nearby...can;t go wrong with that.

Remember, you can always watch your driveway bubble up and the neighbor's pet spontaneously combust...from INSIDE your house.


the observer said...

Bob G and peedee:

Yes, it's hot. Keeping cool at home, at the library, at McD's...the transit between, now, that's a rude slap in the face!

I was using minimal A/C at home but now it's on 24 hours--kitties definitely like that.

Relief late tomorrow, but not before--NWS extended heat warning to 2000 Wednesday!

The Observer

Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
We got some cool humidity for a couple days--not perfect, but much better. All that disappears and oh, word.

I had the windows open even (I don't mind a little heat) and the kitties were Calm. As soon as i turn on a/c all that unspent energy will be popping out of BoyCat. Guess I'd best be ready!

Have as good a day as possible,
Ann T.