Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Election Reflections

You just know that any elections are going to be analyzed to death this year, it being the middle of President Barack Obama's term. As I sit down to add in my 2 cents worth, what considerations do I have?

Well, we turn out piss poor for elections, for one. Election officials are estimating turn out in Kansas City, MO to be under 20%. For the state of Missouri as a whole, the estimate is around 25%. For the state of Kansas, who had plenty to vote for, especially in Johnson County, the percentage was in the 20s, not reaching 30%. That is just pitiful. Considering all the resources around for getting informed, the prolonged voting hours and advance voting, there is no reason or excuse I can think of for not voting. People have died so you can fill the oval. That's the scolding for today.

With regard to Prop C there has been a lot of analysis by writers more knowledgeable than me, but I will say this: it's passage by a landslide indicates that there are a lot of people who do not like the health care bill that was passed. I bet if you asked those people about their opinion, many of them would say that our health care system does need some work, but that the current bill is terrible in so many ways. Both dems and repubs need to pay attention. Dems, though, are in more immediate danger of being voted out based on people's unhappiness with the health reform bill.

Some are making note that voters said yes to retaining many local city taxes. They are saying that this is evidence that voters are willing to pay higher taxes. This is not a concept that completely flies. Most of these issues are for very specific items or projects--sewers, parks, transportation. Raising taxes for rising entitlements will not fly. People are willing to pay a little extra for infrastructure care and needed upgrades to services. People are not willing to indulge the habit of some for spending Other People's Money.

In general, commentators are thinking that people are ready to "throw the rascals out." However, incumbents Cleaver, Skelton and Graves won their US house primaries easily. Familiar political family scions Blunt and Carnahan won. Spouse Stephene Moore won over in Kansas. Except for the seats vacated by retirement or change, it looks like many of the same characters will be headed for Washington. On the local front, it was a mixed bag. Arbanas withstood Riley's charge, but H. Rizzo lost. There were a few primary upsets, but very few. When it comes to pols, sometimes people end up voting for the evil they know, rather than the unknown entity.

So, for November, we have one very interesting US Senate race (Mo), one potentially very interesting US house race (Ks 3rd) and a few scattered contested local races. Potential issue votes include a referendum on the 1% earnings tax in Kansas City (and St. Louis) and a tax proposal for public safety in Kansas City Missouri. So put away your pencils for now, and we will see you in November.

Oh, the Missouri 40th House district? The election board will probably be counting votes again soon. JJ Rizzo won by a whole 6 votes over Will Royster. 650-644. I can't imagine this will not generate a recount.


Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
It will be interesting to see if your reflections pan out, eh? That's part of the fun!
Ann T.

the observer said...

Ann T:

Thanks for reading my ramblings and have a fabulous evening and Friday!

Blessings to you
The Observer

Bob G. said...

Looks like Missouri is gonna be next on the gov't's "hit-list" with people crossed the PREZ on the healthcare mess...KUDOS!
I couldn't be happier.

Good for you (there) for sticking up for what THE PEOPLE want.

Have a great weekend.

Bob G. said...

I mean TEE-OH...sorry about the typo

the observer said...

Bob G:
We screen for typos around here and get most of them, but not all. So it's OK.

I think it's pretty clear that people are not happy with the plan that passed. The MSM can try to minimize it, but 70/30 is a pretty clear message to me. Get something else, and do better.

The Observer

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