Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sink Hole Closes Holmes Road at 110th Street

Well, another day, another water leak down here in the southland. This was a big one, that created a sink hole in the middle of Holmes Road. Water crews are working as we speak to fix up the problem. Holmes Road is closed except for local traffic, starting at 109th Terrace to the north, and Red Bridge Road to the south.

According to news reports, and a visit with a resident near the break, the water started flowing about 0600. It did undermine the pavement, creating the hole full of water you can see on the news video, as well as a lot of other damage.

The culprit was a 12 inch main breaking. The resident I visited with said he called the city about a week ago to report water on the street. The problem is there is frequently water on Holmes Road, although I would have to say not usually this far south--but I bet no one in the water department got very excited about the report.

It's not just the main that will need repair--the buckled street will also need fixing. Holmes Road will not be normal for several days.

Just what we needed with many people using it as an alternative with the Triangle problem.

Cell phone pics of the crews at work this muggy day. From the top: view of the work area looking south, some of the damage to the pavement, hoisting out the broken main, and preparing the new main. You can tell how deep that hole is from the ladder in it. It is deep enough that you can only see a man's head if he's standing in it, plus it required shoring.


Bob G. said...

Here's another case of misplaced priorities by our "esteemed" government.

They'll blow the wad on healthcare (that nobody wants), education "reform" (that nobody wants), economic "reform" (that nobody wants), and flawed "stimulus plans" (that nobody wanted), and ALL that (and more) that didn't do smack to better our economy OR our nation.

We'd all have been better served by taking ALL that moolah and placing it into INFRASTRUCTURE repairs...

Wow...think of ALL those JOBS we could have created (that everybody wants)!

And no, I don't plan to run for office...I'm just a guy with common sense.

Have a great day.

the observer said...

Bob G:
When Obama first started talking about stimulus, I thought he would have an FDR style plan for us. While many say that FDR's plan hurt the US economy's recovery, at least we were left with bridges, electrification and so much more.

I was very disappointed in the results. Meantime, the KC Chamber of Commerce is urging the city to do more infrastructure repair to keep the city competitive in the corporate market.

Thanks for reading