Sunday, August 1, 2010

Plenty of Car Shows and Cruises Left to Go

There have been plenty of cruises and car shows this summer--and there still are plenty more to go. Despite the hot, occasionally rainy weather, there have been lots of owners bringing out their pride and joy for everyone to enjoy. I have a huge back log of car photos, so I thought I would break out some today. Even though it is just the first of August, there are signs of summer's winding down. I stopped in a Walmart today to pick up cat grub, and the back to school shoppers were already at it. So, without further ado...

2009 Hurst Dodge Challenger. Slick gold paint, special engine package (of course it's got a Hemi) and Hurst pistol grip shifter.

1962 Mercedes 190 SL. I spent most of my years under 10 rolling around on the back platform of a two seater like this one, as my parents had a 1959. That one was red with a white interior.

1962 Plymouth Fury. Set up for racin'

Another Plymouth, I believe a 1969 or around that time.

Mock up of 1970 Dodge Charger winged NASCAR racer. A really nice job on this car, very close to the original, which was driven by Charlie Glotzbach in that year.

The car in action in 1970, against another winged MOPAR at the 1970 Daytona 500 125 mile twin qualifier. Unfortunately, the driver of #78, Talmadge Prince, lost his life in the race in a bad crash. NASCAR took measures later to reduce the speed of these cars around big tracks like Daytona. Check here for more pictures of winged warriors.

So everyone have a really good Sunday and week and oh, by the way, Happy Birthday Bobby G...


Ann T. said...

Dear The Observer,
Oh, my Heavens! That Plymouth was my mystery car a few months back!

Bob is going to LOVE THIS. I do, too. I love Muscle Cars and Vespas.
What a combination.

Happy Birthday Bob G.
Thanks for posting these great cars! I want to study them a little longer and dream about a nice souped-up ride!


Bob G. said...

Wow...I am SO impressed...!

That Challenger would seem a "good fit" for's in my HIGH SCHOOL COLORS...LOL!

ANd that Mercedes...used to DREAM of having one of those in the 60s.
(luckily, I STILL have my original MATCHBOX car that styled similarly)

That red 69 Pylymouth looks to be either a Road Runner or a GTX (my cousin Raymond had a 69 dk grn model...won some trophys at ATCO speedway with it...right off the showroom floor, too)

Astounding stuff you found here...

Thanks for the MUSCLE.

Much appreciated!

And do have a great Sunday.
(some people already made mine great...and you know WHO you are)


the observer said...

Ann T:

Glad to solve your mystery! Those Plymouths are pretty cars. I love the roof line especially.




Bob G:
Glad you enjoyed. Sorry for the preponderance of Chrysler products--I do have a ton of pictures and these were some of the most recent.

Watch my photo blog for more automotive photos--right now I have photos of a 1953 Chrysler wagon as the most recent entry.


peedee said...

Hey! Dont laugh at Vespas!! They are the Cadillac of scooters. And I have one. 18,947 miles and still going strong. =)

And the 2009 Dodge challenger is OMG SICK!! I want one really bad. I saw this same car today in our parking lot. It was red with those gold stripes. Hot Hot Hot!!!

Thanks for the pics. I heart muscle cars!

Oh and Happy Birthday Bob G!!

David D said...

There was a fellow at the Belton cruise night with a late model Mustang fixed up to look like the old GT350H. That Challenger looks trick but I'll go with the lineage of the Mustang.