Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Election Results Thus Far

Well, the polls have been closed for about an hour and a half and results are starting to come in. Here's a quick run down of what's going on so far.

1. Holy crap! I do believe that most Missourians do not like ObamaCare. Results thus far: 42,201 (72%) YES 16,668 (28%) NO. However, this is a statewide race, so this could narrow as more votes are counted.

2. Crystal Williams and Henry Rizzo neck and neck in Jax 2nd at large. Sort of a surprise, since Williams has little experience. I think she knows a lot of the right people and got some of the right endorsements.

3. Terry Riley losing to Fred Arbanas badly in Jax 3rd at large. Basically, it's 60% to the incumbent and only 40% to the KC councilman. That surprises me, I figured this would be closer race.

4. Jerry Moran with semi-comfortable lead 50% to 44% over Todd Tiahrt in Republican primary for KS senate (Sam Brownback's seat). This one may not be over for a little while.

5. Kansas House--contesting for Dennis Moore's seat--his wife, Stephene, is blowing away the competition 80% for her. On the Repub side, Kevin Yoder looks like the winner with 49% of the vote, nearest competitor, Patricia Lightner, has just 35%

6. Look forward to lots of nasty ads--Robin Carnahan and Roy Blunt to contest for the senate seat of the retiring Kit Bond.

7. Looks like Jacob Turk will get to lose to incumbent Emanuel Cleaver again in Mo US House 5th District.

8. As of 2044, not a single vote has been counted in Mo House 40 race between Will Royster and JJ Rizzo. Hmmm, what's going on there?

9. Looks like both Kansas City questions will pass.

And that is a very quick snap shot of how things are right now at 2045. We'll know more at 2200 when the newscasts start up.

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