Friday, March 19, 2010

Winter's Taking a Last Whack at Us

Winter wants to take one last swipe at us...

Were you out and about today in Kansas City? Wasn't it nice this morning and just after lunch? What happened around 3 p.m. anyway? Well, a front came through, nice and chilly. Here's the temperature and wind record for Kansas City International Airport around that time:

1200: 57.9 SW 9.2 mph
1300: 59 WNW 8.9 mph
1400: 62 SW 5.8 mph
1500: 54 N 21.9 mph
1600: 48 N 21.9 mph
1700: 44 N 23 mph
1800: 39 N 21.9 mph
1900: 36 N 23 mph
2000: 34 N 25.3 mph

Precipitation appears to be right on our doorstep and I have seen some sprinkles around as I finished up my domestic chores. Snow is forecast for tonight and tomorrow with a storm total of 3-6 inches. We are under a Winter Weather Advisory starting at midnight tonight and running to 1300 Sunday. Good day to stay inside, and hang out on the internet and around the TV. March is mad, in more than one way!

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